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Illuminating School Pride With Entry Lighting at Miami University

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati provided professional landscape lighting for new college campus area entrance by working closely with the architect to achieve the perfect effect.

Custom entry lighting at Miami University

The importance of entry lighting is multi-faceted.  When it comes to highlighting an architectural landscape entrance, the benefits are in creating a beacon for visibility, adding illumination for safety and security, and in this instance, evoking RedHawk pride. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati is proud to have been called upon to provide custom LED outdoor lighting installation.

We can provide university and college lighting for your school

When it comes to creating the perfect large-scale architectural lighting design, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati will work closely with project architects, building contractors, electricians and heads of institutions or companies to ensure the original intended design is met.  For this entryway lighting project at Miami University, in Oxford, OH, we were called upon to achieve very specific needs, set forth by the project architect. The contractor in charge of the project reached out to other lighting professionals, who were unable to deliver on every level. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati understood the needs and was able to employ a perfect plan of action to facilitate the project’s requirements.  We met with the head of Miami University and the architect to set up an evening lighting demonstration, and we were hired to provide LED lighting installation for this prestigious project.

If your business requires professional entryway landscape lighting, call on us!

Custom entry lighting at Miami University

Let us help you achieve perfection in landscape lighting for safety, visibility, and security. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati today at (513) 496-1130 so we can help you design a fall lighting scheme that will give your home and garden a warm glow on a cool night.