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All Festive Outdoor Lighting Is NOT Created Equal

All over Cincinnati and Dayton festive outdoor lighting is being used to bring appeal and illumination to some of the area’s most beautiful outdoor living spaces. While many big box stores offer a variety of off the shelf options that may tempt you, they are unlikely to perform past the season. Ready to hang decorative outdoor string lighting is constructed with lower quality materials which is reflected in their cost. For a long-lasting, beautifully lit outdoor space for your Cincinnati-area home, it is important to choose a professional outdoor lighting installer. Not only will your installation surpass the life of out of the box lighting, you’ll receive a more durable, safer product with the longevity to enjoy past this season.

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Just like any product that improves the aesthetics and function of your home, the materials matter. They matter for quality and function. The reality is that off the shelf outdoor lighting cannot withstand environmental and climatic elements. One of the most important elements of quality festive string lighting is the wiring. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati our string lighting has commercial-grade, heavy-duty insulated wiring which includes weather-proof sockets. These form a seal around the bulb to keep water out. This means you can leave our installation up year-round because it is durable enough to withstand the wintery weather.


Another concern with using big box string lighting is safety. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati uses aircraft table to support all of our festival lighting installations. The wiring is connected to the cable, alleviating any weight on the lighting or its implements. You won’t find this in standard festival lighting, which stretches out and degrades over time.


Most off the shelf lights will only last one year or less, sometimes not even the whole outdoor living season, depending on their makeup, installation and exposure to the elements. Our professional festival lighting is intended for permanent installation and longevity. Using LED lights on these strings mean you’ll enjoy them for much longer, as these bulbs have a longer lifespan than others. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives also offers solid brass festival lights that will stand the test of time, even enduring Cincinnati winters. There’s no danger of damage from ice, wind, snow or rain.

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Don’t look to big box stories for quality outdoor lighting.


We have a variety of styles available for your festival lighting design. This lighting looks great over a deck or patio and even installed in a backyard space to define a seating area or fire pit. One of our most popular styles is the Edison-style, which adds charm to any space. We offer traditional and colored versions, too. Keep in mind, our lights can be both utilitarian and attractive.

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Festive lighting is sure to bring both style and function to your outdoor living area – lighting up your nights along with adding ambiance. Make sure you get the best product by hiring a professional lighting company — like us!

Get in touch to learn more about all our festival string lighting options. Call us at (513) 496-1130 today.