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Isn’t it time your HOA showed a little TLC to your neighborhood entry and shared areas?

Outdoor lighting in an HOA neighborhood has an impact in a host of ways aside from night time good looks. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati can design and install striking professional lighting for your neighborhood’s entrance, signage, natural areas, pathways and recreational zones that is sure to have a positive impact for residents and guests who alike.

Cincinnati Subdivision Entry Lighting at Chestnut HillsThe recent installation we completed at Chestnut Hill.

No HOA or subdivision is a cookie cutter duplicate of another, and we can design a custom neighborhood outdoor lighting plan that adds overwhelming benefits to your subdivision in innumerable ways:

Beauty: HOA outdoor lighting adds evening splendor to your neighborhood and promotes a welcoming feel not only to the residents but also to visitors. Elegantly illuminating the front entrance gate, pillars and the entry sign with a combination of up and down lighting shows pride of ownership and prestige.

Our talented outdoor lighting designers can light the median, the walls and the trees at the entrance in a tasteful manner that will delight your residents, and add a wow factor that any homeowner would desire for their neighborhood. We can bathe any striking features such as sculptures, fountains, ponds or even a signature ornamental tree in a wash of elegant light to make it pop in the dark.

Cincinnati HOA Lighting of signage in Chestnut Hills

We also ensure that things are illuminated in a way where there is no harsh glare thanks to the techniques our expert designers utilize that prevents blaring lights into the resident’s eyes while they are walking or driving.

Reduce Costs: We help your HOA shrink costs by using low wattage LED lighting that is energy efficient and helps curb operating costs. Also, our fixtures are made of high-quality metals so they are long lasting; and many of the parts can easily be changed out if you want to alter the look without having to necessarily add more fixtures.

On-call Service Partner: We don’t just design and install gorgeous lighting; we can also service and maintain the installation! As part of our annual maintenance program, we can replace bulbs, clip back foliage that may have grown over a fixture, re-bury any wires that may have surfaced over time and much more! We are your partners in outdoor lighting and we will happily protect your lighting investment.

Boost Resale Value: No one wants to drive up to a dark neighborhood. HOA neighborhood lighting adds resale value to the homes within because it increases perceived value thanks to overall elegance. The homes within the development automatically feel like they are worth more thanks to out artful and strategic illumination.

Safety and Security: Criminals and trespassers will usually steer clear of well- lit common areas and paths, and we can help your neighborhood homeowners association protect its residents by illuminating any dark areas. It helps homeowners feel safe when they come home late at night from work or walk the family dog regardless of the hour. Additionally, from a safety perspective, it helps first responders clearly see your neighborhood sign and address if there is ever an emergency.

Chestnut Hill HOA lighting

Bring People Together: If your neighborhood common areas are well-lit, it encourages neighbors to stroll throughout the subdivision and connect with one another. Homeowners can easily walk to the community pool or clubhouse, neighbors can congregate in a courtyard area, and kids can enjoy the playground when the summer evening cools things down. Add good lighting adds a friendly nature to your HOA development that inspires to get people out and talk to one another.

We are excited to work with your HOA to stay within your budget and give you the greatest bang for your dollar to illuminate your neighborhood. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati today as your HOA subdivision and residential outdoor lighting and ambiance experts. You can reach us at (513) 496-1130.