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Let Lighting and Music Fill Your Cincinnati Evenings…

It is prime time for Cincinnati outdoor summertime fun, which means spending lots of time outdoors with family and friends during the day and into the evening. Many of our customers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati want to listen to music outdoors for added ambiance, but they tell us it is a total pain to drag out a radio or their in-home speaker and portable music device every time.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, part of the Outdoor Living Brands product offerings provides exceptional and dramatic outdoor lighting for any project

Incorporating a weather resistant set of speakers that fit elegantly into the landscape is simply a no-brainer and we can easily build these into your outdoor lighting and smart home plan. You don’t have to fuss with hauling a bunch of equipment outside only to get minimal sound or acoustics that isn’t really audible around your yard. Our high-quality outdoor speakers provide you the balance of rich sound coupled with the appeal of good looks that blends into your garden thanks to the option of covers that look like a rock. They virtually disappear into the landscape without an obtrusive look.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati has helped customers incorporate sound into their outdoor lighting plan. Bluetooth technology allows us to deliver on great sound without a sea of wires to deal with in the landscape, too.

Cincinnati Outdoor Lighting

We will install the speakers exactly where you want them—by the pool, deck, patio, covered porch or wherever you’d like top quality sound. We will then show you how to connect your sound device (including Alexa!) to the speakers and you will be ready to rock out to your favorite tunes easily via WIFI streaming.  The speakers sit out in the landscape waiting to add music mood to your garden exactly when you want it. Simply and easily stream music from your smart home device or music player, and our speakers will deliver fantastic sound.

The rock covers have a natural appearance and appeal with their stone look, so they can stylishly sit among your landscape and blend right in. There is no need to have ugly, techy looking devices bolted to your home with wires anymore. You can have one main speaker and then a secondary passive one so that they easily link together without a hassle to provide robust sound.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, part of the Outdoor Living Brands product offerings provides exceptional and dramatic outdoor lighting for any project

As nighttime comes, your music is complemented by a fabulous outdoor lighting scheme that only enhances your outdoor atmosphere. These Bluetooth speakers nest right into your lighting plan to create a full outdoor evening experience like no other. We can add custom landscape, pool, patio and path lighting so that you and your family can delight in a beautifully lit evening while enjoying your favorite tunes well after sundown. Whether your taste is more Mozart or metal, we can enrich the time you spend outdoors with music and light.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cincinnati today as your residential outdoor lighting and ambiance experts. We are to here to help you make the most out of the outdoor living season with landscape lighting and music. You can reach us at (513) 496-1130 .