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Lexington SC Dock Lighting Makes Your Family's Safety A Priority

Are you expecting any surprises at Lake Murray this spring? Whether you live on the lake year-round or just open up the lake house for spring/summer/fall weekends and holidays, you always experience that first weekend when you assess conditions. In preparation for boating, you need to make sure everything is in good shape, especially if the house has been closed up. You have to check on the condition of your dock, the lake’s edge and the ramp from the lake’s edge to the dock. And of course there’s the boat. You always get it checked out to see if it needs maintenance after the teenagers rode it hard last summer. Or maybe that was you.

Back to the dock and the ramp. One of two facts will be true: Either you have dock lighting that needs to be inspected annually (and this would be a good time for that), or you need to have dock lighting professionally installed. And this would be a good time for that, too.

Dock Lighting

You Have Dock Lighting; You Need Maintenance

Let’s start with those of you who already have dock lighting in place. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has an Annual Maintenance Plan that will cover inspection and adjustments typically needed at the beginning of the season. We check your fixtures, bulbs, timers, wires and connections, and we make sure your landscaping hasn’t overgrown any of the lighting. If you have halogen lights, we want to talk with you about upgrading to LED outdoor lights because that will get you a savings every month on your energy bill. LED outdoor lights use 80% less energy than halogen, so we’re advising everyone to upgrade. If you haven’t worked with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia in the past, that’s okay. We also service systems installed by other companies.

Dock and House Lighting

You Need Dock Lighting for the Safety of Your Family and Friends

Now, for those of you without dock lighting, we recommend you call us and let our professional outdoor lighting designer come out and draw up a lighting plan for you. We’ll look at your dock, the lake’s edge along your property, the path from the house to the dock — really, any place where safety could be an issue. It takes just a second for someone to stumble and lose their footing when stepping down from the dock ramp in the dark.

While outdoor lighting is beautiful, and some people purchase it for beauty alone, at the lake it’s all about safety. That’s doubly true if you have children or older people making the trek from the house to the dock and back again. You may set out in daylight and fully expect to return before dark, but it doesn’t always work out that way. You have lights on your boat, don’t you? You may not plan to use them, but you have them in case the darkness beats you home. The same need exists for dock lighting.

Professional Lighting Design and Installation is Best for Dock Lighting in Lexington, SC

Did we lose you back there when we said “professional outdoor lighting designer”? If that phrase conjures an image of ladies in floppy hats drinking champagne out on the lawn at dusk, trust us. We have lighting designers who know their way around a lake house from the screen door down the rocky path to the dock bobbing gently on the water. You want a professional lighting designer and installer who knows what to look for around the dock area and where lights will be most effective. We have your safety in mind.

Our initial design consultation at your property is free. If you purchase outdoor lighting from us, the first year’s annual maintenance inspection is included. After that, you can sign up for the continuing Annual Maintenance Plan. The best dock lighting in Lexington, SC, is the dock lighting that’s adjusted and kept in peak working order each year.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has been the most trusted name in Lexington, SC, dock lighting for the past decade, call us today at (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!