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See Lexington SC Landscape Lighting in a New Light with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives®

Lexington MapYour Lexington, SC, home, no matter how great it looks, could look even better with a touch of landscape lighting in the right places. You may have put lots of time, effort and money into cultivating a graceful and welcoming landscape at your home, but who can see the beauty of it at night?

If you’ve driven past other homes with landscape lighting, you know what we’re talking about. Or maybe you’ve seen the palmetto trees lit dramatically at the bank or the country club at night. It takes just a little well-placed light here and there to transport the landscape into a whole different dimension.

What’s holding you back from taking your Lexington, SC, landscape to the next level? Maybe you don’t know where to start. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can help you with that!

Exterior House Lighting

Selecting your vantage points

First, where are the points from which you would like to enjoy your landscape lighting? Are you looking out into your yard from the living room or dining room? What would you like to see at night? The lake, the flower beds, the hedge row lining the driveway? Next, think about it from the other direction. Would you like to illuminate the view of your prettiest tries between the street and the house? Or maybe you’re outside on the deck and you’d like to see out into the depths of the back yard. Maybe you’re thinking of safety and you want to light the walkway from the house to the patio.

Could landscape lighting in Lexington, SC, help you enjoy using your yard more at night?

Are there ways you’d like to use your yard at night but just haven’t done it for lack of light outside? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can help immensely in this respect. Perhaps you have a patio, porch or deck that has seemed shrouded in darkness. With illumination of the surrounding area, suddenly the space becomes cozy and inviting. Would you be more likely to use the fire pit in the back yard if you could see your way to it at night?

What would give you extra safety and security at night?

While landscape lighting in Lexington, SC, is primarily known for its beauty, it can also contribute to your home’s security and safety. The safety of your family and guests increases when your paths are lit. Lighting that creates an enchanting glow along your rows of border plants can also double as a driveway light. What’s more, would-be intruders will drive right on by when your yard and home are illuminated with landscape lighting.

Nighttime in lights at the lake

If you live on Lake Murray, or have a second home there, you’re probably already thinking about the ways landscape lighting could enhance your lakefront property. The view from the lake up to the house could become warm and enchanting. The view from the house to the lake could show you the pathway to the dock, the lake’s edge and the dock itself. Let the professional lighting designers of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia show you how to get the most benefit from landscape lighting.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has been the most trusted name in Lexington SC landscape lighting for the past decade, call us today at (803) 274-6115. We look forward to hearing from you soon!