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Seven Oaks, SC Outdoor Lighting Services

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Folks in Seven Oaks, SC, have an appreciation for the beauty and function of residential outdoor lighting. If your Seven Oaks home is one of those still “in the dark ages” – meaning you do not yet have outdoor lighting installed – we can help you with that!

Seven Oaks, SC, is a gem of a place to live with its quiet suburban lifestyle, excellent schools and easy access to Lake Murray. Rated one of the best places to live in South Carolina, Seven Oaks is ideally located between Columbia and Irmo, SC.

Home with outdoor lighting in Columbia

There is only one way to showcase your Seven Oaks home and that is with professionally-installed outdoor lighting. Nothing else can give your home the nighttime curb appeal to show off the work you’ve put into making your home beautiful and welcoming.

Why You Need Outdoor Lighting Installed at Your Seven Oaks, SC Home

Do we need to convince you? If you drive by neighborhood homes with professional outdoor lighting in Seven Oaks, the effect itself is very convincing. The houses all look amazing, and landscaping frames each house with a subtle glow. Outdoor lighting that is professionally designed and installed is noticeably more distinctive than the do-it-yourself variety because outdoor lighting design is both an art and a skill.

 Home in Columbia with residential landscape lighting


  1. To enhance your home’s beauty
    Exterior lighting is a form of outdoor lighting specifically designed to show off the architectural features of your home’s façade. Whatever features your home presents, including intricate brick or stone work, arched windows or columns, etc., exterior lighting will softly enhance the beauty found there and give it extra dimension. This is what nighttime curb appeal is all about. Your home will stand out as beautiful and well cared for.
  2. To welcome guests and family alike
    The right amount of exterior lighting gives your Seven Oaks, SC, home a cheerful glow and welcomes your guests. Whether they’re arriving for the first time or the thousandth time, every guest appreciates a cheery welcome provided by outdoor lighting. Not to be overlooked, family members also appreciate having a light on when they return after dark. Let’s update that old expression by saying, “We’ll leave the lights on for you,” because a solitary light will not do.
South Carolina home with outdoor lighting installed
  1. To increase safety and security around your home
    Every good outdoor lighting plan includes path lighting and driveway lighting. Anywhere outdoors that guests or family members will walk after dark should be illuminated sufficiently so everyone can see their way safely. Why would any homeowner knowingly leave a pathway in darkness?
  2. To showcase your landscaping and outdoor features
    All of the planning and work that goes into your exquisite landscaping deserves to be highlighted after dark. From the street, friends, neighbors and passersby will enjoy the beauty of your landscaping in the front yard. Behind your home, your landscaping is illuminated for family and invited guests only. If you have gardens, fountains, fire features or artwork in your yard, landscape lighting allows you to enjoy them as much – or more – at night as you do during the daytime.
  3. To increase usage and enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces
    What homeowner doesn’t use their outdoor living spaces more frequently if they have outdoor lighting to add beauty and function to these areas? Deck lighting, patio lighting and pool lighting are guaranteed to extend the number of hours you can enjoy these spaces after dark. When it comes to entertaining, a little bit of outdoor lighting can create the ambiance that ensures your guests can relax and enjoy the time you spend together.

South Carolina home with outdoor lighting installed

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is Your Outdoor Lighting Installer in Seven Oaks, SC

With your Seven Oaks location just up the road from Columbia, there is no better outdoor lighting installer in Seven Oaks SC than Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia. Yes, we may be biased, but we want to be sure you understand the importance of hiring a true outdoor lighting company for this job. Not every landscaper or electrician is skilled enough or talented enough to provide the lighting artistry your home deserves. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, outdoor lighting is all we do! We are a full-time outdoor lighting firm, not a landscaping company with lighting as a sideline.

What’s more, we offer you a free design consultation and a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home if you want to see what your lighting would look like before you commit to it! Also, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides warranties on transformers, LED bulbs and fixtures.

If you haven’t made the move to outdoor lighting yet at your home, what is holding you back? As you drive by other Seven Oaks homes at night and notice the splendor outdoor lighting can bring to a home, why wouldn’t you want that for your home, too?

Bring added depth and character to your Seven Oaks, SC home with professionally-designed-and-installed outdoor lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia at (803) 274-6115, or fill out the form to the upper right for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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