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Greenville Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Is As Easy as One, Two, Three

For the past few years, trends in outdoor living have led to a surge in the creation of gorgeous outdoor kitchens. With a mild year-round climate, Greenville residents stand to benefit dramatically by creating indoor comforts in their outdoor spaces. From a classic nesting spot for your grill to expansive marble countertops and custom stonework, the only limit to outdoor kitchen design is your imagination (and maybe budget).

Once the kitchen is in, and the chef gets to work, you might discover the need for cooking after dark. In fact, I would argue that spring and fall when the sun is setting earlier, is one of the best times to cook a meal on the grill in Greenville. So, how do you cook a fabulous meal for your family, friends, and guests without outdoor lighting? This is where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville can step in with a few suggestions for your outdoor kitchen lighting:

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas


Patio LightingOne of the most fabulous features in today’s outdoor kitchen designs is the stonework on the kitchen surround. From stacked stone or classic brick, to flagstone or concrete pavers, these outdoor kitchens are truly works of art.

To illuminate the gorgeous masonry and texture of the stone, we offer copper and brass hardscape lighting that integrates right into the stone. We recommend placement under capstones or countertops, but sometimes we build them right in flush near the bottom of the structure to cast light across the surrounding deck, patio, or lawn.


Task lighting is one of the top requests for outdoor kitchens. We have a few tactics for making visibility for food prep just right. Countertop lights to illuminate the prep space can shine out from under the bar height counter. Pendant lights of a variety of types can be integrated if you have an overhead shade structure. Or, we can always add our fan-favorite festive market lights. These globe size string lights will provide task lighting and a fun vibe.


While there is some functional need for lighting in your outdoor kitchen, there is also a sure bet you want to enjoy the space when you are not preparing food. We recommend a full LED landscape lighting, deck lighting, or patio lighting design to create an ambient glow in your entire outdoor entertaining space. From path lights leading guests to the space, to landscape lighting around the perimeter and patio and deck lights built right in, we can create a truly remarkable space you’ll want to utilize each and every day (and night.)

Outdoor kitchen lighting ideas to keep things interesting!

In addition to the incredible aesthetic and functionality improvements that come from outdoor kitchen lighting installations, safety is another component. While most of our focus with outdoor lighting is to shed beauty on your property and its finest features, outdoor kitchen lighting offers vastly improved visibility for an improved outdoor cooking environment. Without such an installation, cooking and even walking can be hazardous in the dark. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we understand the desire to create the ideal outdoor living environment, and we’re here to help you achieve this cherished goal. Family and friends are meant to gather. A custom lighting installation is the perfect way to bring everyone together with fun and food! Further, we have no end to kitchen lighting ideas. Whatever your aspirations for your kitchen, we have the means to bring your dreams to fruition.

Outdoor Living Space

If you are busy planning your outdoor kitchen right now, contact us today. If we are involved before construction we can come out and do some pre-installation work to make running our wire a smoother process. If you already have an outdoor kitchen but need lighting, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too! It is never too late to add outdoor lights. Call today for a design consultation. (864) 523-0550