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Create Nighttime Pool Fun and Safety with Custom Pool Lighting

The heat is on! Do you have a To-Do List for getting your pool ready for hot summer days—and nights? If you haven’t considered pool lighting before, the time to think about it is now before it gets any hotter around here. Wait!—you should do more than think about it. Go ahead and call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville to set up a free pool lighting design consultation. Our phone number is (864) 523-0550.

Why Greenville Pool Lighting?

Pool area lightingDo you use your pool at night? Would you use your pool more at night if you had beautiful outdoor lighting set up in the area around your pool? You know there will be days this summer when it will be too hot to enjoy the pool until after the sun goes down. If you have lighting around your pool, great! If not, well … do you want to swim in the dark? You really need pool lighting for safety at night if for no other reason.

That’s the thing about pool lighting. It gives you the option to swim any time of the day or night so you can make the most of your pool. It’s your pool, so you should be able to use it whenever you want to. Parties? Sure! With pool lighting, your poolside entertainment can continue beyond sunset.

Our lighting designers can install lights in your pool area that will transform your poolside experience at night. We can put miniature lights in your planters or trees or shining up from the base of shrubs to cast a gentle glow across the area. Don’t worry, we won’t come in and shine a big spotlight over your pool and wake the neighbors with its glare.

Don’t Go to a Store … We Come to You!

We will meet with you at your home for our free lighting design consultation. Once we see the setting around your pool, we’ll let you know the different types of lighting and effects we can create based on what you have there. We may incorporate lighting in and around your plants, hardscapes, pillars or any nearby structures like a fountain, gazebo, pergola or cabana.

We can even install lights in your pool. With today’s LED lights, pool lighting can be lots of fun because we have color-changing lights, too. Fun! The kids will love that!

If you’re undecided even after consulting with our lighting designer, we will go a step further to help you decide: we will provide a free nighttime lighting demonstration. After we meet with you, we’ll create a custom lighting plan for you, and we’ll make another appointment to come back one evening just before sunset. We’ll set out temporary lighting to approximate your custom lighting design, and when the sun sets, we’ll turn the lights on. We think you’ll be convinced.

Don’t wait for summer to arrive—call us about pool lighting now!

We’re not pushing a special “limited time only” deal to rush you into pool lighting. The urgency is simply based on the season. Summer will be here in a few weeks, and if you know Greenville, you know it will be hot well before the official start of summer on June 21. The time to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives about Greenville pool lighting is now.

For a moment, close your eyes and think about the cooling power of water. Not just physically, but emotionally, too. Did that get your attention? The sooner you call us, the sooner we can have your pool lighting installed. Don’t let poor visibility at night ruin your pool time this summer.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, we love to help our clients increase their summer fun with the most beautiful pool lighting in the Upstate. Call today to schedule a design consultation. (864) 523-0550