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Call Ahead for Custom Greenville Landscape Lighting

Do you keep lists and plan ahead, or do you wave your wand and make a party come together at the last minute? Maybe you’ve found some middle ground between those extremes. However you play it, go ahead and give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville a call this week to set up your free landscape lighting design consultation. You’ll be one step ahead when Memorial Day weekend rolls in and summer celebrations jump into full swing.

Professional Landscape Lighting

Spring is only a few weeks old, but summer will burst onto the scene very soon. One of the best ways to celebrate summer is to have professional landscape lighting installed in the front and back yards, especially around your deck, patio, and porch. Artful lighting in the front yard will welcome your guests and illuminate the path to your door. Strategic lighting around outdoor living spaces is the smartest way to extend the usability of those outdoor entertaining spaces into the nighttime. Why let sundown drive you inside? Why strain to see faces of friends you’re talking with by the light of a few citronella candles and tiki torches?

We’re not suggesting a dozen one-size-fits-all spotlights planted at the edge of your front porch, deck or patio. We’re talking about professionally designed and installed landscape lighting crafted specifically for your home. Our lighting designer will walk around your property with you to design the most effective lighting plan using our state-of-the-art LED fixtures. We’ll talk with you about the use of lighting for aesthetics and for safety. We can even set up high-quality string lighting for the most festive atmosphere, and these party lights can stay up year-round.

What’s the rush? It may seem like you have plenty of time for summer holiday preparations, but those calendar pages have a way of flying by. The sooner you call us and schedule your Greenville landscape lighting design consultation, the more certain you’ll be to have lighting planned and installed before Memorial Day weekend.

Already have landscape lighting? If it hasn’t been serviced in a year, you need to call us. Outdoor lighting needs to be checked annually to keep all of the components in good working order. If you have halogen lights, talk with us about an upgrade to our more energy-efficient LED bulbs. We can retrofit your entire system to bring you energy savings. We also service systems set up by landscapers and other lighting companies.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, we love to help our clients improve the beauty of their yard with top-of-the-line LED landscape lighting for 80% less energy use. Call today to schedule a design consultation. (864) 523-0550