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Restaurant Lighting: Patio Heaters and String Lighting Make Winter Outdoor Dining a Comfortable Reality in the Upstate

Are you looking for ways to improve your Greenville restaurant to create high demand patronage and increased revenue? If you have not made your outdoor dining patio a nighttime hotspot thus far – NOW is the time. With the ease and availability of high-powered patio heaters and propane fire pits, outdoor dining spaces can be used almost year-round in the Upstate. Just add light. Enhance your restaurant’s patio space with commercial quality outdoor lighting today.

Restaurant Patio Lighting

Our team can design and install customized lighting to create magic and wonder that will get your regulars in more often and create regulars out of every new guest. Consider the top ideas below for your outdoor restaurant lighting.

Bistro Lights Required

Overhead string lights, often called Bistro Lights, Market Lights, or Festive Lights, have become a staple in all guest-centric brick and mortar businesses. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, we offer the best quality, custom-strung, LED string lights for your restaurant. Our installation team will create an immaculate display, utilizing the charms of your outdoor dining space to make nighttime the best time to stop in for a bite or a drink. Whether its under an awning or patio roof, or strung across open space under the stars,

Landscape Lights in Planters

Do you adorn your restaurant patio with greenery? Whether your plants are faux or living, in the ground, pots, or planters, they provide a wonderful opportunity for ambient lighting. With our landscape lighting techniques, we can enhance your dining patio by integrating lights in your planters. Uplighting for trees and vines or landscape lighting for flowers and shrubbery. Our team will create a custom design for your unique patio space.

Hardscape Lights

Our highly-skilled installation team can install lights right into your vertical and horizontal hardscapes. If you have knee walls, large concrete planters, landscape walls framing in your patio, or a paver or concrete patio floor, you have an unutilized opportunity. We can even add them within the brick exterior of your building. With directional well lights, we can illuminate walkways. Half-moon lights are perfect for shining down a vertical wall. With so many hardscape light options available, we look forward to customizing a design for you.

In addition to all the ideas above, we have amazing options in commercial bollard lights and path lights.

If you’re ready to take your outdoor dining space to the next level, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville today. We have all the best outdoor restaurant lights to increase demand and improve your bottom line.