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5 Reasons That Path Lighting is a Brilliant Transformative Addition to Your Property

5 Reasons to Add Path Lighting to Your Property| Greenville Outdoor Lighting CompanyWhile their name certainly alerts you to their purpose, path lighting can do so much more than simply providing lighting for your walkways. Path lighting is the foundation of any great landscape lighting system. With their versatility and a myriad of styles to choose from, path lighting is a transformative addition to any property.

Path Lighting is versatile.

Versatile is not a word we throw around easily. In our business, processes are specific, and every detail matters. However, path lights are versatile and can be utilized to achieve varying lighting effects. Sidewalks and driveways are known to benefit from path lights, but what about flower beds, patio perimeters, and shrubbery? Path lights cast a soft wash of light across any surface and a perfect for ambient lighting in, near, or around any outdoor space.

Path Lighting adds safety.

Liability. Ick, no one likes that word. And no one likes to think about what it means on their property. However, if you prepare, you can limit your risks. Trip and fall accidents are a huge liability for every property owner. By adding path lighting to sidewalks, driveways, and other walkways, you make sure-footing easy for every visitor.

Path Lighting matches any aesthetic.

Path lights do not have to be fancy, bougie, or boring. With a few varieties to choose from, path lights match any home style or landscape décor. In fact, path lighting often blends right into the surrounding landscape, only to be noticed by the light it provides after sunset.

Path Lighting is suitable for large and small properties alike.

Right size landscape lighting systems are what we do! We’ll never try to convince a client to buy more lights than they need. Path lighting is a perfect fixture for any size property, no matter how many other outdoor lights will be included. From a city lot to an expansive estate, path lights get the job done!

5 Reasons to Add Path Lighting to Your Property| Greenville Outdoor Lighting CompanyPath Lighting can blend in subtly, or it can stand out in the instance of Bollard or Decorative path lights.

The most-popular path light we install is a hat path lighting. It looks like a light on a post, wearing a little hat. It does not catch anyone’s attention until at night when the illumination becomes the star of the show. However, we do offer a variety of show-stopping path light fixtures: decorative bollards, half path lights, directional path lights, and even super modern low-profile path lights. Your path lighting can be exactly what you want it to be, a statement piece or subtle illumination.

If you’re interested in learning how path lighting can transform your Greenville property, call our team today to schedule a free nighttime demonstration and design consultation. Once you see the transformative effects of Greenville path lighting, you’ll never want to go back to dark nights.