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10 Ways to Refresh Your Property After the Holiday Lights are Taken Down

Did you just take down your Christmas lights? Is your home looking bare and almost a bit sad after sunset? If you love the good cheer and happy feelings provided by your outdoor holiday lights, then you may like to consider these options for mimicking the joy all year long. Read these ideas on how to refresh your property after the holiday lights are taken down.

Greenville Curb Appeal lights

Curb Appeal Lighting

  1. Wall Wash Exterior Home Lighting: Show off your home’s exterior subtly and stunningly, every single night, all year long.
  2. Soffit Lights: Exterior home uplights don’t necessarily reach the second story of your home, depending on your architecture. With soffit lights, your entire home, from the ground to the tallest roofline, will shine.
  3. Tree Lighting: Trees are your landscaping anchor. Show off their majesty every night with focal lighting and/or downlighting. With tree lighting in your front yard, the two-dimensional nightscape becomes dynamic.
  4. Path Lighting: Any curb appeal lighting should always include path lighting to safely guide visitors to your front doors.
  5. LED Color-Changing Lights: A popular new trend in lighting is RGB LED color-changing lights. These landscape lights allow you to change the color scheme for any event and occasion.

Outdoor Living Lighting

  1. String Lighting: Overhead bistro lighting is a must-have for your outdoor living spaces. They can be strung over pools, patios, decks, in porches, and between trees. They provide instant fun and a bit of nostalgia.
  2. Moonlighting: Recreating how a full moon shines across your property can be achieved beautifully with moonlighting. This outdoor lighting technique requires mounting a light in a chosen tree and letting the branches create beautiful shadows across your yard.
  3. Deck Lighting: Post lights, stair riser lights and more. Illuminating your deck for nighttime use is an important way to get the most out of your favorite outdoor living space.
  4. Hardscape Lighting: Whether it is your patio floor, an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or retaining walls, we have the lights that integrate right into your hardscapes. Subtle patio lighting makes your patio fully functional for nighttime use.

Finally, number 10 – Customized landscape lighting to illuminate any and every unique feature of your property. Does your backyard feature a gazebo, or a fire pit area? Do you have a collection of garden gnomes you just adore? What about a flagpole flying the red, white, and blue? No matter how you make your property your own, those features deserve to shine at night and provide happiness and cheer at night, any time of year.

When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, you can count on a customized LED landscape lighting design. You’ll also enjoy outstanding customer care and professionalism. When the time comes for installation – our crews treat your property like their own. And best of all, you get to start with a no-obligation, free nighttime lighting demonstration. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you sign up. Lastly, we offer incredible limited lifetime* warranties. Call today to request your free landscape lighting demonstration.