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Top 3 Hottest Greenville Outdoor Lighting Trends 2022

When it comes to the latest and most popular landscape lighting trends, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville leads the way by having its pulse on what Greenville homeowners are looking for.

As the 2022 spring home renovation season kicks into high gear, visual and creature comforts still remain a priority among homeowners, a trend that started while many were in seclusion over the COVID pandemic.

Looking for escape from the world’s challenges and the daily trials and tribulations of life, the affordability and beauty of light ranks high.

Greenville Outdoor Lighting Trends 2022

1. Festive Outdoor Lighting: Now that spring has finally sprung – and continues to pop up all around us as we venture outdoors, our custom outdoor string lighting will transform your rear backyard landscape into a glistening wonderland.

string lighting in Greenville

More popularly referred to as Bistro Lighting, these jewel-like gems are lights strung together that are installed above a variety of outdoor spaces to create or enhance a certain mood. From festive fun to magical romance, a variety of emotional effects can be easily achieved as the day melts into evening.

For several years running, the hottest Greenville outdoor lighting trend is our LED outdoor string lighting. No matter what you call it, this trend is continuing to grow! Dare we say, it “really shines?”

If you love to entertain outdoors, or your favorite place to relax in the evening is on your deck or patio — you need to consider this Greenville outdoor string lighting to upgrade your space.

With creative draping and suspension, our festive light strings dazzle with a simply stunning glow as gentle breezes move them in a nocturnal dance.

Suspended over your patio, garden, landscape, deck, or uncovered porch, you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed the evening air before without them.

The landscape lighting trend of Bistro lighting is also an excellent addition to parties. They can turn any outdoor area into a softly-lit dream world. While many have traditionally used these during the holiday season, there’s no reason why you can’t use them all year long.

2. Special Event Lighting: Do you have an outdoor celebration such as a wedding, retirement party, or reunion coming soon? Do you own a special event venue or maybe you’re a wedding planner? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville is pleased to offer temporary special event lighting packages for your wedding or unique event.

Our design team creates custom lighting designs that fit perfectly with your event space to illuminate your tent, dance floor, dining area, landscape and more to create a backdrop for the unforgettable memories you and your guests will create.

The magic of our lighting design is a great way to create the exact ambiance you are going for, from elegance and grace to festive party fun, we’ll get the feeling just right!

Today’s weddings are becoming more sophisticated every day. With special themes and amazing outdoor venues, it’s no wonder brides and grooms are passing up the tulle and choosing other decorations for their wedding and reception spaces.

A celebratory landscape lighting trend has been building to use custom temporary event lighting to create a stylish scene as a backdrop for all of the day’s events. We offer the best service and design for temporary wedding lighting in the Upstate area. We’ll customize our design to fit your venue, illuminating arbors, gazebos, dance floors, dining spaces, barns, landscapes and more. We’ll work closely with you or your wedding planner to make sure our design fits your desired effect and that you can cross one more thing off your wedding planning to-do list.

Outdoor weddings that drift into the evening hours become the stuff that legends are made of with this Greenville outdoor lighting trend favorite.

3. color-changing Lighting: This Greenville landscape lighting trend has unlimited JOY written all over it. Make every evening a holiday with our custom color-changing landscape lighting.

If you’re like us, you enjoy decorating for all the holidays and not just Christmas. Our permanent color-changing lights allow you to celebrate year-round for every holiday and special occasion.

Unlike other holiday lighting installations, our color-changing lights are permanent fixtures on your property that you control with your phone. When they aren’t set to celebrate, they will provide a warm beautiful light that will highlight your home’s façade and landscape.

Color your everyday world with light. With the touch of a few buttons, your home will start spreading cheer for the entire neighborhood! Controlled with your smart phone, your Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor lighting can be ready for Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July, or special celebrations like birthday parties and sporting events – the possibilities are endless. You can even schedule your lights to change color on set dates and go back to the warm white between occasions.

Our colored landscape lighting includes:

  • Full color LED lighting options
  • Full brightness and temperature control
  • Durable brass and aluminum fixtures
  • Smartphone app controls
  • And simple home automation

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