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Illuminate Your Louisville Deck & Patio with Professional Lighting

Now that you’ve got the perfect deck, it’s time to illuminate it for a season of outdoor fun, entertaining, dinner al fresco and backyard barbecues. Your outdoor living space is a large investment of time, energy and finances. It would be a shame to let the space go unused every day when the sun sets. With deck lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor living space day or night.

If you are ready to update your outdoor space, call (502) 237-5178 or contact us online to learn more about our deck and patio lighting services in Louisville.

Enhance Your Evenings with LED Deck Lighting in Louisville

Creating a beautiful nighttime space on your deck is as easy as calling our outdoor lighting design experts. We have top quality LED deck lights that are made specifically to create beautiful deck space while adding safety for your peace of mind. Louisville deck lighting can be designed to illuminate stairs, railings and entertaining space with ambient light that is just right for your outdoor entertaining needs. The best thing about deck lights is that they are made to be installed right into your deck. Downlights that tuck under railings, stair riser lights that look as good during the day as they do at night – our deck lights will look as if they were part of the original deck design.

Deck with LED lighting

Transform Your Space with Festive String Lighting in Louisville

Festoon or string lighting is a fantastic addition to both decks and patios. In fact, they are even great for running over the top of your lawn to extend your outdoor living space even further. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives festoon lights you can keep the festive party feeling alive all season long. Our lights look great for any occasion and can withstand the elements for a season of impromptu evening gatherings in the backyard.

Custom Patio Lighting Solutions for Louisville Homes

Outdoor living doesn’t have to be restricted to daylight hours. With proper patio lighting, you can relax, live, and entertain on your patio whenever you’d like. With professional service and custom design, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville can create the perfect nighttime escape, right in your very own backyard.

Patio lighting design is a complicated endeavor. Patio composition, shape, size, materials & surroundings vary so greatly that each patio presents a unique canvas for our outdoor lighting design team. We have a large variety of techniques we use for Louisville patio lighting; from landscape lighting to moonlighting, we will employ the perfect design for your patio.

Outdoor area with lighting

Enhance Your Patio Ambiance with Landscape Lighting

While you may be accustomed to a sconce by the back door or a giant flood light on the corner of the house, you might be surprised to hear there is a better way to light a patio. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we many times use landscape lighting around the perimeter of the patio to create ambient light that in turn highlights the patio in just the right amount of light. Whether it is path lighting interspersed amongst your blooms and shrubs or a focal light highlighting your pergola, arbor or statue it all will wash across your patio in a handsome subtle glow.

Outdoor courtyard with specialty lighting

Year-Round Market Lighting for Louisville Patios

Our top quality string lights add a festive and fun flair to your patio. While their proper name is up for serious debate (cafe lights, festive lights, party lights, market lights, festoon lighting), there is no doubt they are a growing trend in outdoor living. While you may think of market lighting as a temporary addition for a special event, you actually can leave them up year-round with our high-quality, durable LED lights. Their flexibility to fit spaces of any size or shape make cafe lights a great choice for your unique patio design. Cafe lights can work under covered patios, pergolas, and open air patios alike.

Outdoor area with moonlighting

Magical Moonlighting Techniques for Your Louisville Patio

Taking the outdoor flood light idea to a whole new level, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville offers moonlighting for your patio space. Moonlighting employs a light that will shine across your entire patio space from high above, but the technique is what makes it special. If you have a tree near your patio, we can strategically place a downlight in just the right spot high up in your tree. The outdoor light will cast a stunning, majestic glow through the branches of your tree for an effect that will mimic the actual moonlight. If you’re familiar with a “hunter’s moon” you’ll recognize the magic immediately as the light filters through branches and leaves for a space covered in dancing shadows.

Smart Control Systems for Your Louisville Outdoor Lighting

Our patio lights, garden lights, deck lighting and other exterior lighting systems can be controlled in a variety of ways. Whether yours are residential or commercial landscape lights, our low-voltage lighting system can be customized to your specifications, from garden lighting to pool lights.

We offer an exclusive Lighting Control Automation (LCA) system that allows you to control your outdoor lights from inside and automatically adjusts your exterior lighting timer with the seasons. LCA works for both residential and commercial lighting, including:

  • Patio lights
  • Garden lights
  • Garden path lights
  • Well lights
  • Other landscape lights

Beyond its control of your low-voltage lighting outside, LCA can also be programmed to control interior lights as well.

LCA is the most convenient and reliable way to control your KY outdoor lights, from garden lights to patio lights, while also providing increased security, as well as energy-efficiency thanks to our low voltage lighting solutions for both residential and commercial lighting needs. Some systems for controlling landscape lights are controlled by photocells and others by timers.

Whatever your custom design lighting needs, we can help with copper outdoor light fixtures, patio lights, deck lighting, garden lights, garden lighting for pathways, and other landscape lights.

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