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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about our Outdoor Lighting Services, and more, can be found here.

What are the advantages of low-voltage garden lighting?

Low-voltage lighting is energy efficient, so it’s a great way to green your lifestyle while saving money in the process. Also keep in mind that low-voltage lighting in no way means low-impact lighting effects. In fact, low-voltage lighting is perfectly scaled to residential homes. It can also be easily installed without damage to existing trees, shrubs or groundcover. In time, fixtures can even be relocated to other locations.

Why should I choose your outdoor lighting company to design my landscape lighting?

When you’re shopping around for a service provider, chances are that a specialist in that area of interest has more expertise than a company that provides a number of services. That’s why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the provider of choice among thousands of Louisville, KY residents.

Outdoor lighting is all we do, with benefits that include:

  • Superior designs that achieve desired effects
  • High-quality fixtures made in the USA
  • Best-in-the-business warranty
  • Reliability of a large, established company
  • Dedicated service of locally owned and operated offices

In other words, compared to other outdoor lighting providers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives clearly stands above the rest in our lighting effects expertise, quality products and customer service.

How much will outdoor lighting affect my electric bill?

Most people keep their outdoor lights turned on 4 to 5 hours a night, with an electricity cost of approximately 12 cents per kilowatt. At this rate you are looking at about an additional $10 to $12 a month for the typical outdoor lighting installation.

How much does landscape lighting cost?

The cost of an outdoor lighting installation is unique to everyone dependent on the size of your property and the effects you would like to achieve. The only way of giving you an estimate is for one of our specialists to visit your home for an in-person meeting. This complimentary design consultation will enable us to assess your home, landscape, personal tastes and ideas for your outdoor lighting effects. In turn, we can estimate a lighting investment range that you’re comfortable with.

Since our outdoor lighting systems carry a 10-year warranty, your investment in outdoor lighting not only has short-term benefits for the time you spend outside now, but long-term benefits for the value of your home.

How will we control the patio lights and other exterior lighting systems?

Though a number of options exist for controlling your outdoor lighting, what the majority of our customers seem to prefer is Lighting Control Automation, or LCA. The convenient, reliable LCA system:

  • Adjusts with the seasons
  • Provides increased security and energy efficiency
  • Enables you to control your outdoor lighting from inside your home
  • Can be programmed to control indoor lights too

Some systems are controlled by photocells, others by timers. Your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives representatives can help you decide on the lighting control system best suited to your needs.

Do you offer LED Lighting?

Yes! Now that the technology behind LED lighting has “grown-up” to our standards, we are pleased to have recently included an excellent line of LED lights to our collection of landscape lighting fixtures. LED’s are an ultra energy-efficient type of lighting, that now offer similarly excellent illuminating qualities as our traditional halogen based fixtures. Ask us about LED lights at your evening demo.

Do you offer solar-powered lighting?

We would love to. However, everything we have seen about solar technology to date does not deliver the consistent nighttime illumination that our customers desire. For this reason, we do not offer solar-powered lighting at this time. Fortunately, our low-voltage lighting systems give our eco-conscious customers the opportunity to be environmentally responsible.

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