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The Key to a Stellar Kentucky Derby Party: Outdoor Lighting for Your Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

patio lit by string lightsIt’s the biggest sign of spring in Louisville. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the Kentucky Derby is here. It’s time to break out the derby hats, sear sucker suits and the mojitos. Whether you’re hosting guests for the weekend or just the afternoon for the famous race, you are likely already prepping for the annual festivities. You’ve been busy planning the menu, shopping for clothing and inviting your friends, but is your home ready for your annual Kentucky Derby party?


A great way to prepare your home for the onslaught of creative bright hats and bow ties is with LED lighting for your outdoor entertaining spaces. The arrival of the warm spring air requires that you host your party in the great outdoors. While the race only lasts about two minutes, the party is sure to go well into the night. Illuminating your patio, deck, bar, kitchen and landscape are sure to encourage guests to linger about extending the party you’ve waited for all year.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville loves to illuminate patio spaces. No two patios are alike. From brick pavers, stone pavers, tiles and concrete, there is a great deal of fun in creating a custom lighting design to perfectly illuminate such lovely textures. Depending on your surrounding landscape we may use our moonlighting technique to cast light down from above, gorgeous landscape lights around the perimeter for an ambient glow or insert lights right into your retaining walls for lovely wash down the stone.


Our deck lighting techniques are top notch. We use top quality brass and copper lights made especially for your decking. We can hang them on posts for a glow around the perimeter, under railings for ambient illumination and under railings and stair treads for added safety. We can even hang permanent festive string lighting over your deck for that classic party feeling.

backyard and pool lit by outdoor lightingKENTUCKY OUTDOOR KITCHEN & BAR LIGHTING

If your outdoor living space centers on an outdoor kitchen or bar, lighting is a must-have. With under-mounted deck lighting, your counter tops will glow with a soft inviting light that is sure to set the party mood. We can add the perfect task lighting from above to make night time mixology and cooking a breeze for the hosts.


In the long standing tradition of lawn parties in Louisville, encourage your guest to leave the safety of your deck or patio and venture into your well-manicured lawn with landscape lighting. With well-chosen positioning we will illuminate prized ornamental trees with a wide wash, positioning landscape lighting amongst your prized azaleas and shining a focal light up the top of your tallest Oak tree. Your guests will feel enticed and obligated to mosey about the lawn munching on their cucumber sandwiches while they enjoy the night air.

The Kentucky Derby is a fantastic fun event that is impossible to ignore. We wait every year for the excitement, unique festivities and exclusive dress code to arrive in Louisville. With all the fan fair and horses, don’t forget the gorgeous horses, it is key to have your home and property ready for your guests. Call today for your outdoor lighting design consultation. (502) 237-5178 The Kentucky Derby is almost here and we’re booking up fast.

jockey riding horse