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Louisville Outdoor Lighting: Lemonade, Barbecues and Backyard Entertaining

It’s springtime in Louisville. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and people are getting back to the great outdoors. Nothing beats that first spring weekend of cleaning up the yard and relaxing on the deck or patio with a tall glass of lemonade while the burgers are sizzling on the barbecue. Enjoying your outdoor space for the entire season is always worth that first weekend of clean-up so backyard barbecues can resume for the summer and lazy relaxing weekends can commence. If you’re preparing your backyard for a summer of barbecues, yard games and evenings with friends, adding outdoor lighting could be the next step in creating a space you can enjoy well past the setting of the hot summer sun.


One of our favorite lighting techniques for illuminating outdoor living space in Louisville backyards is moonlighting. Moonlighting is exactly what it sounds like. We hang a light on the perfect branch, in the perfect tree. The light itself is out of your sight line, but the light it casts down through the branches and across your entire living space is magical. If you love a bright full moon on a summer night, you’ll love the effects of moonlighting for your deck, patio, pool and landscape.


deck lighting

Decks and patios are a favorite hang-out spot for summer evenings in Louisville. With the addition of outdoor lighting, you and your guests can continue the conversation even after the sun goes down. With top quality copper and brass deck lights, we can gently illuminate the perimeter, railings and stairs of your deck for a lovely ambiance and added safety. Patios, outdoor kitchens and retaining walls provide an excellent opportunity to illuminate your outdoor living space. We can create a custom lighting design that includes tucking our lighting underneath capstones, countertops and in the base of retaining walls. The effect is a gentle illumination of your patio and outdoor entertaining space, so your guests can finish their drink and mingle well into the warm summer nights.


While most people like to linger on patios and decks during summer gatherings, there is something to be said for a large Louisville yard with plenty of landscape to enjoy. If you want to encourage your guests to mingle out among your prized hydrangeas, your gorgeous garden or a well-placed gazebo or swing, landscape lighting is perfect for you. With strategically designed placement, we can illuminate your favorite trees, shrubberies and flower with focal lighting and path lighting that will draw your guest’s eyes and feet out into your lovely landscape. This ability to spread out can create moments among friends that you and your guests will cherish forever.

If you’re planning a summer of barbecues and backyard fun, call today. (502) 237-5178 Our nighttime lighting demonstration will allow you to get a taste for the magic outdoor lighting can add to your Louisville outdoor living spaces.