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Enhance Your Night Swim with Louisville Pool Lighting

Do you use your swimming pool after dark? If you answered yes, then is the area well-lit, or do you come and go in the darkness? If you answered no, then would you be more likely to swim after dark if you had lights strategically placed in and around the pool for safety and a relaxing ambience? If so, you’re ready for Louisville pool lighting.

Backyard pool with lighting

Discover the Benefits of Pool Lighting in Louisville

It’s time to make your pool area safer and more beautiful at night with Louisville pool lighting. Many people find nighttime swims to be the most soothing and delightful, especially well into the summer. At that time of year, the water is its warmest around sunset after a long hot day, and you can enjoy the pool without the intense sun beating down on you.

Pool Safety and Aesthetics with Louisville Lighting

The primary reasons to add pool lighting are to make the area safer after dark and to enhance the beauty of the pool and its surroundings at night. Strategically placed outdoor lighting can create incredibly beautiful scenes around the pool after dark.

Backyard pool with lighting

Prevent Accidents with Effective Pool Lighting Solutions

Lighting can help you, your family and your guests avoid pool-related accidents after sunset. Underwater lights in the pool will help you keep an eye on the younger swimmers darting around. Illumination around the pool can keep people from tripping over lounge chairs and float toys left behind. Path lighting can guide tired swimmers along the walkway back into the house after a relaxing sunset dip in the pool. The more you think about it, the more reasons there are to add pool lighting for safety, especially if you have children.

Backyard pool with lighting

Transform Your Pool into a Nighttime Oasis

Now for the beauty of it. Have you ever relaxed around a pool with underwater lights at night and seen the way the light shimmers and dances on the water? It’s beautiful and oh, so mesmerizing. Special lighting in and around the pool lends a touch of elegance and also peacefulness. If you expand the area of illumination to include the landscaping around the pool, with darkness beyond that, you can imagine yourself on a beautiful island.

Backyard pool with lighting

Custom Louisville Pool Lighting Designs Within Your Budget

When you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville about pool lighting, our professional outdoor lighting designer will come and meet with you at your pool. We’ll talk about how much light you want, whether you want soft lighting to create a subtle glow or something brighter for maximum visibility at night. We’ll tell you about the energy-efficient LED lights we use that offer the option of multi-color light displays. You can even set the mood with our computer-controlled LED pool lights. Fun!

All of our professional Louisv lighting designs are custom-made for each client, and we can work within your budget to ensure you get the most you can from your investment. If you already have lighting around your pool that hasn’t been serviced in a while, our Louisville lighting team can update your fixtures and bulbs with those that are more energy efficient.

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Start today with an outdoor lighting design consultation to see how we can add delight and function to your pool. Call (502) 237-5178 today.

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