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Smart, Inconspicuous, Beautiful, LED Motion Sensing Louisville Landscape Lighting

Feeling safe and secure in your home is important. Louisville security lighting is a great way to provide that feeling, but you may feel that a large floodlight is obtrusive – and we would agree. While adding motion sensors seems to limit the disturbance of a bright floodlight to you, and your neighbors, the sudden on/off when animals and leaves blow by could still be creating an unnecessary disturbance with such a bright light. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we are proud to offer a new, more subtle security lighting feature that was not previously available.

Motion Sensor Landscape Lighting

For more than fifteen years our high-quality copper and brass landscape lighting have created gorgeous nightscapes at Louisville homes. Subtle ambient light provides visibility and beauty across your landscapes, outdoor living spaces, pathways, and home. With integrated lighting control automation, you’ve enjoyed having your lights on only when you needed or wanted. Now with the availability of motion sensors, you can further control the use of your landscape lighting to only when you need it.

Most homeowners like their landscape lighting for the front of their home on at dusk and maybe at dawn for a few hours each. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, they may manually flip the switch for when they are using the space at night. But what about after the lights go out for the night? There are areas of your property either not worthy of landscape lighting, or areas, where added security after the lights go out, would be beneficial. This is where the motion sensor comes in to play.

Home with professional lighting

Along the side of your home where your utilities and garbage bins are housed, is not typically an area you want to highlight. Being energy-conscious homeowners, you may have simply decided not to add lighting, or maybe you have to flip a switch every time you need it. With the addition of motion sensing landscape lighting, you can enjoy lights that come on for you when you take the garbage out at night. Or more importantly, they will come on in the instance of an intruder lurking in the dark. You’d be surprised how quickly a light will scare away someone.

Motion Sensor Control

With the ability to create zones with motion sensor lighting, you don’t have to worry about a light right outside your bedroom window waking you up when a raccoon trips it. Keep the motion sensors only where you need them, and you’ll enjoy that safe and secure feeling all night, every night.

Call us at (502) 237-5178 today to learn more about setting up motion sensors for your landscape lighting. We look forward to hearing from you.