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Louisville Landscape Lighting is 2017’s Home Renovation Trend

Spring is a time for renewal. As the grass turns green and the trees regrow their leaves, thousands of Louisville residents embark on outdoor home renovations. From adding pools, decks, and patios to redesigning landscapes, luxurious outdoor living spaces at home are a must-have for today’s busy lifestyles. recently surveyed homeowners who have undergone or will be undergoing outdoor renovations. They discovered some new and exciting trends when it comes to landscape lighting and outdoor lighting.

Adding & Upgrading Outdoor Lighting

Forty-five percent of outdoor-renovating homeowners updated or installed outdoor lighting. Included in the list of outdoor lighting were things like path lights, driveway lights, and pool lighting.

The exciting part is that the majority of lighting chosen was high-quality outdoor lighting for long-lasting nighttime beauty and illumination. An astounding 73% upgraded to LED outdoor lighting. Most remarkably, 20% upgraded to smart lighting systems such as our Lighting Control Automation. As lives continue to get busier and technology gets smarter, every aspect of our life that can be automated should be, and landscape lighting is the perfect candidate.

Brook Tafel owner of Louisville outdoor lighting perspectivesAccording to the Digital Trends article, if LEDs become the norm, by 2027 we “could save the amount of electricity produced by 44 large electric plants.” With forty percent of homeowner citing “helping the environment” as a reason for making certain outdoor renovations, we are confident that LED landscape lighting upgrades are the perfect tool for accomplishing those goals.

If you’re ready to add landscape lighting, lower your electricity use, or upgrade your current Louisville landscape lighting system to high-quality LED, call us today at (502) 237-5178.