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How Does Your Louisville Garden Glow?

flower garden with lightTop 5 Ways to Give Your Beautiful Louisville Garden Subtle Nighttime Attention

Summer is here! If you’re a gardener, you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to get to see those beautiful buds and blooms. Louisville gardeners spend a great deal of time and money investing in their gorgeous flower beds, landscapes, and garden, why not show it off at night? With everyone being so busy during the day, after dark might be your best chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful scene you built for yourself.

Are you curious as to how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville can help your garden glow this summer? With endless custom landscape lighting designs to meet your unique gardens charm, we’ll give you a taste, with the top five ways your growing garden can glow all summer long.

1. Blooming flowers offer a spectacularly different view at night than they do during the day — pinks are brighter, greens are richer, and purples are more vibrant with LED landscape lighting. In the glare of the daytime sun these gorgeous flowers might wash out, but at night their beauty and charm are highlighted with “just right” lighting and a bit of shadow play.

2. Winding garden paths are a perfect invitation for enjoying an evening stroll. With path lighting to create a warm welcome and guiding light, you can enjoy the entirety of your garden and landscape after dark.

3. Hidden and not-so-hidden treasures deserve to be featured. If you found that perfect fountain or statue at a charming flea market or boutique and it is unquestionably your favorite garden accessory, put a light on it! Our focal lighting is not over-blown or to the extreme, but provides a subtle illumination to make your favorite features the focus of your landscape.

focal lighting on garden door

4. Front yard landscape beds come in all shapes and sizes and filled with a variety of plant choices. Whether it is flowering shrubs, neatly pruned bushes, or a mix of perennial and annual blooms, highlighting your front landscaping creates beautiful curb appeal for year-round enjoyment.

5. Large outdoor structures that add the perfect character (and a bit of utility) to your yard need proper landscape lighting for nighttime function. From gazebos, arbors, and pergolas to patios, covered porches, sheds, and guest houses, the function, and beauty of these structures should not be left in the dark when the sun sets. With proper uplighting, we can make your most useful outdoor living areas a thing of beauty after the sun sets.

If you’re ready to make your Louisville garden glow, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today. (502) 237-5178 Our LED garden lighting is perfect for every garden.