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Create Captivating Curb Appeal with Louisville Residential Outdoor Lighting

Your home is the centerpiece of your Louisville property. Regardless of the changes in landscape with the seasons, your home stays steadfast and strong as the anchor. Illuminating your home’s unique architectural features creates captivating curb appeal and a warm welcome for visitors at night.

Louisville Architectural Outdoor Lighting

The architectural style of your home is likely the first thing that drew you to it. From traditional brick homes to Victorian, Craftsman, and modern, the style of your home offers unique features to highlight.

Is a stunning picture window the first thing someone notices on your home during the day? We can add outdoor lighting around it and under it to help it stand out at night.

Is your upper level adorned with stunning dormers that make the roofline a sight to behold? With gutter-mounted LED outdoor lighting, we can make sure your home’s features stand out from the ground to the highest peaks.

No matter if it is columns, a special roof pitch, or the exposed rafter tails or dentil molding, we’ll make sure the details of your home are adored at night.

Materials and Texture

After the main architectural design of your home is noticed and loved, the next contributor to the overall curb appeal are the exterior materials. From brick and stucco to siding and stone, today’s homes are made exceptional by these design choices. While most homes offer a mix of materials, it is certain that a combination of materials and architecture gives each home its own unique personality.

In the dark of night, these important details may go completely unnoticed. Not anymore! With the best Louisville residential outdoor lighting, every detail of your home’s exterior surfaces can be enjoyed at night. We’ll customize a design to capture the classic red in your brick, the stunning variation, and depth of stone, the smoothness of your stucco or the natural texture of your cedar shake siding. Whatever your home’s exterior, we’ll make it shine with LED outdoor lighting.


Entryway with professional lighting

Porticos, porches, columns, yellow doors, and more, Louisville homeowners love to adorn their home’s main entrance, adding a touch of flair, a tad-bit of personality, or a splash of color to keep it current. However you make your home’s entrance inviting, it should not go unnoticed at night. We’ll highlight tapered columns, stone posts, wrap-around porches, potted plants, statuary, and pathways with a custom outdoor lighting design. The guiding light will lead your guests to the door after dark while adding to the nighttime curb appeal enjoyed by all who pass.

If your home is ready for captivating nighttime curb appeal to give it the attention it deserves, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville at (502) 237-5178 today for a design consultation.