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Gorgeous & Charming, Louisville Landscape Lighting Also Increases Security

As fall approaches and the days begin to shorten, you may begin to notice how dark it is outside of your home and among your landscape at night. Illuminating the space around your home and landscape is a great way to give yourself added visibility at night as well as that safe and secure feeling. With the gorgeous ambiance that comes with properly designed landscape lighting, comes the peace of mind that comes along with added security.

Home outdoor lighting


Landscape lighting design is the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference. We create a custom design that works perfectly with your home’s unique architecture and your landscape’s unique features. While gorgeous aesthetics is what you’ll see, security is an added benefit that you will receive. Our LED landscape lighting and architectural lighting creates security in subtle but effective ways.

With architectural lighting, we will illuminate the areas around your doors and windows. While this creates a gorgeous curb appeal and gives you perfect visibility for arriving home after dark, it has other advantages. The lights in your entrances allow you to clearly see if someone is there when you arrive home, making your entrance into the house at night a safe practice. The lighting around the windows and other entrances create a spotlight effect on areas where would-be intruders might try to enter your home when you are not there. Since most intruders are interested in theft and are non-confrontational, well-placed lighting is the perfect deterrent.

Outdoor lighting on a home

By adding path lighting along pathways and landscaping along the sides of your home, we effectively eliminate dark corners that make great hiding places. We continue this technique along the back of your property line. If your home backs up to the woods, you may enjoy some reassurance that there is not an easy hiding space and if someone or something is out there, you’ll see it.

With our LED landscape lighting, you can leave your lights on from dusk until dawn. Making your early morning departures just as secure as your late night arrivals. We can power the average LED lighting system for less electricity and cost than leaving a single 60 Watt light bulb on in the house all night; leaving you with no noticeable effect on your utility bill.

If you’re ready to beautify your landscape and enjoy the security benefits of an illuminated home, call us today for a design consultation. (502) 237-5178