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Louisville Outdoor Dining Done Right with Charming Outdoor Lighting

From NuLu to The Highlands, autumn weather and fall events are bringing people out to eat and shop more. Not only are they coming out to eat, but they are also looking for a place where they can dine outside in this stunning fall weather. Not too hot, not too cold, it’s time for al fresco dining in Louisville. Whether your restaurant or bar is on East Market Street or Bardstown Road, you’re sure to attract more guests with an appealing outdoor atmosphere that not only is lovely during the day but eye-catching and mood setting at night. One of the most economical ways to create the perfect evening ambiance on your dining patio is with commercial outdoor lighting.


With the growth in popularity of outdoor fireplaces and the improvement in the look and function of outdoor heaters, Louisville residents can enjoy eating outdoors well into late autumn. With the perfect accessories in your outdoor dining space, your restaurant could become the place to be. While making the space comfortable in temperature is important, setting the right mood for nighttime diners can be done with the hottest trend of the year, café lighting. These gorgeous string lights with large round LED bulbs create a nostalgic, yet hip atmosphere to any outdoor space. Whether we hang them over the entire deck or patio space, over the live entertainment stage or we create a perimeter of mood lighting, they are sure to set a tone that will keep guests coming back again and again.

strong lights in treesSTRING LIGHTING FOR TREES

While you may be very familiar with wrapping trees with lights for the holidays, there is no reason why the same technique can’t be used for a year-round festive feel. If your dining patio enjoys the shade of towering trees during the day or the décor of smaller ornamental trees, we can use them to create the perfect nighttime lighting effect. With white LED string lights and the proper application we can turn your dining patio into a cheery upscale space that makes every guest feel like today is a special occasion.


With the rise in popularity of vertical hardscape elements, many outdoor dining spaces in NuLu feature landscaping walls, columns, outdoor bars, and other structures. Usually built to create perimeters and ambiance, there is no reason why these features have to disappear under cover of night. With the use of hardscape lights, we can simultaneously illuminate your perimeter and create that magical nighttime environment that makes patrons want to stay longer, order more provisions and become a regular guest.

With the competition being so fierce in The Highlands and NuLu, it is vital to growing your Louisville business that you attract new guests and make them want to come back frequently. With commercial outdoor lighting, you can create an outdoor eating space that will draw new guests in and make them fall in love with your place under the magic of a starry night. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today for a design consultation and nighttime demonstration to see what we can do for your Louisville restaurant, bar, or eatery. (502) 237-5178