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Louisville Post Lighting Repairs & Replacements

Post lights have been a common way to light up your Louisville home for nighttime departures and arrivals for decades and longer. Providing a bright light that washes over your driveway and walkways from high above, post lights were the best solution for creating visibility at night when older Louisville homes were built.

Common Post Light Problems

As these lights age, time and weather erode them, and they begin to have performance issues or quit working altogether. We’ve seen rusted out bases, corroded wires, bad connections, rotted bases and other evidence of time, wear and tear.

Louisville Post Light RepairsBrook Tafel Owner of Louisville Outdoor Lighting

We’ve heard from many Louisville homeowners who have had a very hard time getting electricians to come out and repair their post lights. And those who’ve had success at getting an electrician on-site are often told that repairs would cost them upwards of $1,000 or more.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we have a great solution for your post light repair needs. Our LED conversion solution has a lifetime warranty, and your new light will come on at nightfall, every night with little to no effort from you.

In addition to gaining renewed reliability for nighttime visibility, you’ll also enjoy a decrease in your electric bill. LED outdoor lighting is 80% more efficient than Halogen, and if your previous lights were incandescent, you’d enjoy even greater savings.

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