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Louisville Patio Lighting Design is All About the Customization

Patio lighting in Louisville is essential to enjoying long summer days that blend into gorgeous summer nights. If your patio is your favorite place to be, you could benefit from a custom LED patio lighting design. While you can get any landscaper to plop in some landscape lights around the perimeter of your stone patio, only Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville will work closely with you to create lighting to meet your specific outdoor living goals with a custom design based on your unique patio space.

Hardscape Lighting

With stone, brick and paver patio replacing standard concrete slabs, patios have entered a new era of elegance and sophistication. With built-in accessories like stone landscape walls, paver sitting walls, and outdoor fire features, your patio is a site to behold. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, we meet the changing times with stunning hardscape lights. They fit between bricks and stones, under counter tops and capstone and inside landscaping walls to create subtle accent lighting for your entire patio.

garden path lights

Festive Bistro Lighting

Go bold or go home! (If you want.) If your Louisville patio is the center of your outdoor entertaining, you may want something less subtle than hardscape lighting. A hot trend in outdoor lighting is emerging with the application of permanent festive lighting. These large round string lights are LED and can withstand the weather, to turn your patio into a party with just the flip of a switch.

patio lighting

Patio Task Lighting

Outdoor kitchens, bars, smokers, and barbecue grills are often the centerpiece of your patio. Whether you’re hosting a pig roast for the entire neighborhood or a small dinner party, you want to stay outdoors with your guests as much as possible. With the application of customized task lighting over your outdoor counter tops, prep space, and cooking areas you can enjoy cooking well past sunset with the same ease you enjoy indoors.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration. Patio lighting can transform your life with the improved enjoyment of all of your outdoor spaces.(502) 237-5178 Brook Tafel Owner of Louisville Outdoor Lighting Perspectives