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Our Set it and Forget it Timers will Ensure "Falling Back" for DST is Effortless

Sunday, November 6th, marks the official end of Daylight Savings Time (DST). This means it will be time to “fall back” and move the clocks back one hour. Even though this means we outdoor lighting timerwill enjoy regaining the extra hour of sleep we lost back in March, it also means night will fall sooner. Typically DST can also throw many outdoor lighting timers out-of-whack as older systems contain timers that require manually changing to accommodate for DST. This involves digging out the manual and figuring out which dials and buttons to press in order to update their timers for the change. Simply put, manual timers are annoying and inconvenient.

Cumbersome manual timers require that you remember to reset as the days grow longer or shorter during the seasons. Our timers are controlled by Lighting Control Automation (LCA). This means they require no additional support or demands from you since they automatically update themselves based on your time zone and available light – including the onset and end of DST. You can forget searching for the manual and trying to figure out how to program your timer every couple of months to stay on top of the daylight changes in your area. Simply set your LCA timer to whatever your lifestyle needs are and then it does the rest. LCA timers even save you money because your lights are on only when you want them to be, so you aren’t paying a light bill for illumination during hours not necessary.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville we can put an end to the endless pursuit of dusk! We can schedule a time to come out and reset your existing timer for you OR we can install a newer technology-based timer that will accommodate for DST automatically! What a relief to not have to fiddle or worry about your timer anymore. Every new system we install has a timer so that our customers can freely customize when their lights go and off at any time of day or tree lit by lightingnight based on their personal needs. The flexibility our timers provide user-friendly options and remove the burden of remembering when to turn your lights on or off. This element naturally increases the safety and security at your home and grounds and adds lots of practicality, too. Our timers make it look like your home is lived in even if no one is there even if you are at work or on vacation. Would-be thieves will always know your house is lived in even if you aren’t there.

LCA timers can be as simple as you want or, if you enjoy a high level of control with technical devices, you can really have fun setting your timer for an ultra-enhanced lighting mood. Aside from controlling when your lights go on and off, highly adaptable LCA’s can even be set to regulate how much light is put out by your outdoor landscape system. You can start off at a lower power level earlier in the evening and then go to 100% power as the darker part of night arrives. Best of all, you even make changes to your lighting from a mobile device such as your smartphone or your computer. The possibilities of LCA are truly endless!

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville today to learn how LCA timers can improve your indoor and outdoor lifestyle. You can call us at (502) 237-5178.