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3 Ways to Make Sure Your Outdoor Entertaining Space is Ready for Derby Day and Beyond

Winter is quickly ebbing away and before you know it “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” will be here—the Kentucky Derby. What better way to usher in the summer season than to spruce up your patio area for Derby Day with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville. While you focus on the seersucker suits, derby hats, mint juleps, Benedictine finger sandwiches and Derby Pie™ – we’ll make sure your outdoor spaces are ready for prime time.

Enhance Your Home with Landscape Lighting

Your outdoor renovations can start right with the front door. Consider giving the door a fresh coat of paint and incorporate some flowers. You wouldn’t think it, but these small touches can go a long way to changing the personality of your home. Additionally, installing new pathway lighting can help your guests find their way safely to and from your entryway.

Next, take the time to ensure your lawn looks its best. You can add some excitement by planting flowers, including roses. You can either plant traditional rose bushes or install a trellis and train your roses to grow where you want them. After all, you are watching “The Run for The Roses,” why not have some roses of your own.

Once you’ve gotten your landscape looking its best, enhance it that much further by incorporating landscape lighting to highlight its features, like those lovely roses, and ensure your guests can enjoy them safely. You don’t want your guests spending their whole time on your deck or patio, do you?

kentucky durby mint juleps

Renovate Your Deck or Patio

Whether you choose brick pavers, stone pavers, tile, wood, or concrete, renovating your deck or patio can genuinely enhance your entertainment experience. The only way you can go wrong is forgetting to incorporate Louisville patio lighting to illuminate the area.

For patio lighting, you have a couple of options that depend on your current landscape. The top three techniques for patios are moonlighting where the lights will radiate from above, perimeter landscape lighting for an ambient glow, or we can install lights right into retaining walls to add a glow to stones on the ground.

Don’t worry deck owners, we’ve got you covered too. Our deck lighting includes high-quality brass or copper lights made specifically for decks. They can be hung from posts around your deck, on stair treads for safety, and under railings to add to the ambiance.

outdoor kitchen lighting

Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a must-have feature, allowing the host to stay engaged with the guests at all time. If you’ve already incorporated an outdoor kitchen to your patio or deck, you likely already have lighting to illuminate the area for entertaining. However, don’t forget about specific task lighting to make it easier to see when your grilling or prepping.

Outdoor lighting perspectives Brook Tafel OwnerYou can easily incorporate a bar onto your outdoor kitchen (or even a basic deck/patio) by adding a simple shelf on brackets. This will allow you to fold the bar down when you’re not using it and make it that much easier to mix your mint juleps during your Derby party.

Another thoughtful addition to an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space is to plant an herb garden. Giving you access to fresh herbs for cooking (or those mint juleps) all summer long while also discouraging wildlife from eating any other goodies you’ve planted in your garden.

Don’t wait until spring is here and you’re already planning your Derby party menu to give your outdoor living spaces a facelift! Start today with an outdoor lighting design consultation to see how we can add delight and function to your patio and landscape. Call (502) 237-5178 or email today.