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In Louisville Trees are the Anchor of Your Fall Landscape

Don’t you just LOVE September? We get our first taste of the fall cool down, with warm afternoons and crisp cool mornings. This is the time of year when the windows can be opened, and we emerge from our air-conditioned cocoons to enjoy the great outdoors in a more comfortable and enjoyable way.

Upon our re-emergence, we immediately notice the gorgeous trees that anchor our lush properties in a way that goes unnoticed in the heat of summer. Maybe a few early shedders are dropping a few leaves, while others are beginning to transform into their golden fall hues.


Trees are the centerpiece and anchor of your beautiful Louisville landscape. Make them shine on fall evenings with custom tree lighting, designed just for you by our expert landscape lighting designers.

Gain Depth and Height with Tree Lighting

When we arrive at your home to begin our design assessment, homeowners often have goals for outdoor living or illuminating their beautiful flowering shrubs and annuals. And we want those items to really POP too!

But, the design trickery is not only to illuminate the star of the show but use lighting on the supporting cast to prop those beautiful colorful stars up in front of. Your trees are the supporting cast. Without them, you would have a flower with a light on it. Or a path with a few lights on it. With the trees around your property illuminated just so, the depth of your property is immediately apparent. Trees essentially take what could appear to be a two-dimensional landscape to three-dimensions.

But wait, there is more.


Some of your trees are majestic old Oaks and Maples with great heights for a powerful light to shine to the tops. While others are ornamental, 7-10 feet with wide canopies to be adored. No matter the height or breadth of your trees, we will utilize the variation and highlight them appropriately. Each tree’s unique charm will create character, height, and width among the depth of their placement on your property.

With the perfect custom design, your gorgeous landscape will be more magical at night than during the day!

If you’re curious about what we can do with your carefully landscaped property and trees, give us a call today. Our design team is ready to come out and give you a design demo that will blow your mind. (502) 237-5178