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Louisville Landscape Lighting Pushes Back the Darkness on Your Secluded Wooded Property

Do you live amongst tall majestic trees, in a dreamy forest of daytime seclusion and wildlife refuge? Even if you simply enjoy a larger city lot backing up to a nature area or with beautiful towering Oaks and Maples, you may experience a very dark property at night. Without lights from neighboring homes or street lights, it can feel like the dark is ever-expansive and threatening to wash over your home. Louisville landscape lighting is a great way to push back the darkness with subtle lighting that will maintain the secluded, quiet surroundings you enjoy at home.

House in the middle of the woods with great outdoor lighting

Tree Lighting

Use those massive, majestic trees to your advantage with strategic tree lighting around the perimeter of your lawn. These points of light will not only give you just enough light to see, but they will highlight the majesty of your property, a feature that likely drew you to purchase your home in the first place.

Path Lighting

Lovely copper and brass path lights are versatile for a variety of landscape lighting techniques. Gentle washes of light scatter across your paths, and low profile landscape features for easy navigation at night. Escorting you to your home from the driveway or street, path lighting allows your front landscapes to exude new charm at night. With a gorgeous secluded property, enjoying your outdoor space is a must. By adding just enough lighting to guide the way, you will be encouraged to get outdoors for nighttime enjoyment.

Outdoor lighting is all we do! With the largest availability of outdoor lighting techniques, we’ll create the perfect custom Louisville landscape lighting job for your dark and secluded property. We’ll be sure to achieve your goals for subtlety or drama, whichever you prefer. Call today to schedule a design consultation, and you’ll soon be enjoying a magical landscape where the darkness once blanketed your property each night. (502) 237-5178