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Tips for the Best Outdoor Kitchen Lighting in Louisville

Taking the indoors out is becoming a long-lasting trend that is not going away. Louisville homeowners maximize their outdoor space by taking all the comforts of indoors out, starting with creating a living room space, entertaining space, and dining space. But to really take it to the next level, building an outdoor kitchen is the way to go. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for allowing the host to remain a part of the party, even while preparing the meal, similar to the way an open floor plan inside does. But, sometimes, considerations for nighttime grilling and entertaining are left as an after-thought. Could you use lighting in your outdoor kitchen? We have a few ideas for you:

Focal Lighting (Task Lighting)

Custom outdoor kitchen lighting is the way to go. No matter the design of your kitchen, we’ll find a way to get you some task lighting over your prep and cooking spaces. Vital to preparing meat to the exact temperature you prefer, this lighting is a matter of gourmet meal vs. dry and chewy! If you have an overhead structure such as a pergola or arbor we can hang gorgeous copper focal lighting. Or we can determine a way to mount them to the kitchen directly.

outdoor patio and bar lit with outdoor lightingHardscape Lighting

Outdoor kitchen lighting is often times ambient lighting within the vertical stonework that makes your kitchen or surrounding patio features. We have integrated LED hardscape lighting that can fit between layers of stone, under capstones, under countertops and anywhere else you prefer. For outdoor kitchens, we love to place them under the taller bar-top counter so there is light on the lower prep surface.

Patio Lighting

Your outdoor kitchen is likely not a stand-alone feature in the yard. Most often built on a patio, but sometimes a deck, patio lighting is a great way to illuminate your cooking area. We’ll use a combination of hardscape lights, landscape lights, focal lighting, and even overhead custom globe lighting to create a magical patio that encompasses your kitchen lighting needs too!

If you would like to prepare late-night meals and winter dinners, but the dark is driving you to your indoor kitchen, call us today! We offer custom outdoor kitchen lighting design and installation. (502) 237-5178