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Louisville Patio Lighting for a Stunning Backyard Oasis

It’s hard to ignore the added function provided by Louisville patio lighting. However, most of us love it for its splendor and the resulting backyard oasis it creates. After all, if we are investing in a patio space, we want it to be a treasure to enjoy, with function, beauty, and a retreat-like feeling. A custom patio lighting design is key to create the tranquility while allowing for needed function. With the right subtle lighting, you can enjoy both practicality and luxury in your favorite outdoor space. It’s all about creating the mood, with both ambient and focal lighting that can be used separately or in conjunction to meet the needs of the current activities. To create the precise mood, we like to use landscape lighting and moonlighting for magic and ambiance.

Moonlighting for Patios

Have you ever walked outdoors at night when the moon is full and bright? Known as a “hunter’s moon,” this light casts a magical spell across your entire property. Creating shadows through tree branches that dance in the breeze and offering full but soft visibility across your lawn, a full moon is a treat to behold. With our moonlighting, we create this same magical effect across your patio for a soft ambient lighting on the entire space. With the perfect placement, we can even recreate those tree branch shadows for added mystery and flair.

Landscape Lighting for Patios

You may not consider landscape lighting to be patio lighting, but it really does work well for this purpose. As most patios are integrated into a stunning landscape design, we often find that using landscape lighting to highlight the perimeter of a patio is all the light you need to enjoy a quiet evening relaxing or a fun night with friends on your paver patio. With landscape lighting, you gain gorgeous views of your landscape elements, flowers, and shrubbery, as well as a gentle wash of light across your stonework. With this delicate perimeter glow, your patio gains a perfect atmosphere for evening enjoyment without overwhelming the space. After all, nighttime enjoyment of your patio should still include the magic of the night sky.

If you’re ready to transform your backyard into a nighttime retreat, consider custom Louisville patio lighting to make the mood just right. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville at (502) 237-5178 today. Our expert design team will work meticulously to create the perfect package for you.