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With Louisville Driveway Lighting, Never Return Home to a Dark Home Again

Daylight Savings Time (DST) ended a few weeks back, and if you are one of the many Louisville homeowners who has no outdoor lighting, or a system that was not professionally installed, you are likely experiencing the effects. Where you once returned home from work and had plenty of daylight to carry out your evening activities, now it’s completely pitch black. Everyday tasks such as walking the dog, checking the mail or even entry into your home have now become a visibility nightmare.

Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive home every evening to a well-lit property from the driveway to the door and eliminate those dark spaces? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville can make it happen with professional, effortless and convenient illumination.

walkway lined by trees and lit by lightingTraditional eave lighting and spotlights don’t provide the uniform, cohesive illumination that allows you to breathe easy like our lighting does. We use light to create and define the unique features of your property in various dimensions. To truly create beautiful and effective lighting, we consider the existing elements as any designer would – light, shadow, perspective, color, line, texture – and transcend them into a unique outdoor lighting design just for you. In the case of lighting driveways we can install a variety of creative designs in order to achieve the look that is best for your landscape. From washes of illumination across the driveway itself, to adding drama to a tree-lined driveway through the use of moonlighting – we can custom design a plan best suited to your property. We can also implement smart home technology through the addition of an LCA driveway sensor to your lighting application, too!

The simple addition of driveway lighting can provide you with a beautiful and effective source of illumination to welcome you home each night. Driveway lighting will also make your home and property more inviting, safer and more secure. Not only will you be able to see exactly where you’re driving and navigate easily on foot, there won’t be any dark spots for would be intruders to hide. Let’s face it; pulling into a pitch black driveway night after night is unsettling. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville can offer unique ideas that are more affordable and a nice alternative to typical driveway lighting installations.

Contact us at (502) 237-5178 today to learn more about all our amazing outdoor lighting designs. We can enhance your home and landscape from the driveway to the door — and everthing in-between!