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Why Winter is the Best Time for Your Louisville Outdoor Lighting Installation

snowy drivewy lit by outdoor lightingWhen you think of Louisville outdoor lighting what comes to mind?

Is it the ability to enjoy outdoor fun well into the evening? Enjoying a late night dinner outdoors? Or maybe an image of family and friends lingering well past dusk on the backyard patio?

Without a doubt, all of these images help describe the endless benefits outdoor lighting provides. However, the benefits of outdoor lighting extend well past the warm seasons of the year and beyond the times when outdoor lighting is used at your discretion for recreational purposes.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville, our designs are hard-at-work, even during times when you would rather stay warm inside your home. Our outdoor lighting is dependable and always there to guide and welcome you home on those cold winter nights.

Here in the Louisville area, last winter was quite frigid, and let’s not forget the record snow we received in March of 2015. Our last two winters have seen temperatures average 3 to 4 degrees below normal, with over 25 inches of snow. Snow and ice accumulation can become treacherous when maneuvering in the dark; Louisville outdoor lighting will increase the safety around your home during inclement winter weather.

snowy patio lit by sting lightsFor those of you that are one the fence about installing or upgrading an outdoor lighting system, we want you to know that winter is the best time to move forward. Along with having a well-illuminated landscape, paths, driveway and home, there are more benefits to acting now.

Additional benefits of a winter outdoor lighting addition include:

  • Less impact on your plants and turf grasses due to their dormant state during the winter months.
  • Less wait time for new installations or LED outdoor lighting upgrades or conversions on existing systems.
  • More value, as many suppliers are prone to price increases during the first quarter of the new year. Moving ahead now and securing your spot on our schedule means you will lock-in to 2016 pricing modules.
  • You will beat the crowd. Like many outdoor home improvements, demand increases substantially when spring arrives. Get in the front of the line now and have your system up and running prior to the harsh winter weather and beyond!

Contact us at (502) 237-5178 today to learn more and beat winter’s chill with always warm, always welcoming, Louisville Outdoor Lighting!

driveway lit by outdoor lighting