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Blow Away the Competition with Marvelous Outdoor Restaurant Lights!

Have you noticed how competitive the restaurant industry is getting in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the rest of the country? Foodies have made excellent food a source of inspiration and everyone is dying to experience the best cuisine in the coolest environments. Beautiful outdoor restaurant lights can be extra bit of ambience you need for your restaurant! OLP is up-to-date on all the latest trends, features, and electricity saving lighting options available on the market today!

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Outdoor Restaurant Lighting Trends

While not everyone is looking to snap food pictures and selfies to share on Insta, Twitter, and Facebook, everyone wants to experience a cool vibe along with their delicious eats. This trend has led to an eruption in the creation of outdoor dining patios at restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, bars, and diners. Not only does the outdoor space need to be comfortable and cool, it also needs to function during all the hours you are open.

Restaurant patio with festive lighting

Any restaurant or bar that is open at night, relies heavily on the dinner and after-dinner-drinks crowd to make their revenue goals. Attracting this crowd is essential to success in the competitive space. With the addition of outdoor patio space, comes the necessity for outdoor lighting. Does your restaurant have updated outdoor lighting to set the right mood?

Restaurant Lighting Ideas

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, our experts will design and install the best outdoor restaurant lighting for your needs. The most popular type of lighting right now is permanent festive string lighting over the dining area. But depending on the location of your dining patio you may benefit from landscape lights, path lights, lighting for planters, decking, fencing or hardscape lighting. We even offer custom options in that we’ll find unique lighting solutions to give your restaurant’s dining space a one-of-kind feeling that can’t be replicated.

Restaurant with specialty lighting

Best of all, our lighting is LED! This will significantly lower the operational cost and the upkeep will be very limited.

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Our team not only installs commercial outdoor lighting, but we maintain it too. While the lights are top-quality and can withstand the elements for years and year, things happen. Patrons get rowdy, people bump things, and lights need to be adjusted or repaired. We’re here to help you in the event things get rowdy at your restaurant!

If you’re interested in taking your restaurant to the next level, call Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Minneapolis today at (763) 317-0827. We’ll start with a design consultation and take it from there.

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