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LED Outdoor Lighting in Minneapolis
Good for your wallet & good for the environment

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we are leading responsibility in energy use by providing you with the best in LED for outdoor lighting options. When adding a large number of lights to your Maple Grove or Minneapolis home, the cost of running those lights is a consideration. With LED outdoor lighting options having improved significantly in recent years, choosing LED outdoor lights is a no-brainer whether it is about cost savings for you or environmental responsibility for us all.

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Why Get LED for Your Outdoor Lighting?


When you save electricity you lower the environmental impact of creating that energy. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis’s LED lamps you can use 50-60% less energy while still getting great color and just the right brightness for the application. Reducing your carbon footprint, even more, our LED fixtures use no toxic materials.


The life expectancy of your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LED lamp is approximately 30,000 – 50,000 hours or more. When you compare that with the 2000-5000 hours you might get with a halogen or the 750-2,000 hours you can get with an incandescent that means 10 times the life! Replacing each bulb one time for every 10 times you previously would have, is a huge savings in dollars and time. Now add to that the energy savings: a 4 Watt LED can produce the light equivalent of a 20 Watt halogen. When you choose LED you’re looking at as much as an 80% savings on your electricity costs.

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You may remember the early days of LED outdoor lights; a delay when you turn it on and a strange bluish hue that was unattractive. Those days are gone. With current advancements in LED technology, the light turns on immediately with a warm gorgeous color that allows for easy control of your light’s focus and spread.

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Difference

With plenty of LED options on the market, at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis we offer the best made technologically advanced LEDs available. Our top of the line LED lamps solve many performance problems that can be found in older model LEDs that are still being offered by retailers and installed by other outdoor lighting professionals.


Many outdoor lighting LED fixtures have to be thrown away when the light burns out. While the life of the LED is very long, replacing the entire fixture is a significant expense, a huge hassle and quite wasteful. With our outdoor LED fixtures you can switch out bulbs when they burn out, but you can also swap them for bulbs that will allow for a narrower or broader beam to meet your changing outdoor lighting needs.


Designing and installing new outdoor lighting systems is what we love to do. However, when it comes to being leaders in responsible energy use, retro-fitting older outdoor lighting systems for LED is a great option. With lower electric bills, less ecological impact, lower maintenance costs and longer warranties, upgrading your current outdoor lighting system to LED is an easy decision.


With patent-pending technology in Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LED fixtures we gain even more bulb-life to the already long life of LED lamps. Our cutting edge technology separates the electronics of the fixture from the light source, reducing the amount of heat the LED bulb is subjected to each day. By reducing the heat, we extend the life even longer.

Exterior home pathway with lighting

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With everything to gain and nothing to lose, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is your best choice for LED outdoor lights. Whether it is commercial or residential, full system installation or a retro-fit – LED is the responsible choice for every outdoor lighting need.

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