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Full lighting and control automation services in Minneapolis

With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives innovative Lighting Control Automation® (LCA) technology you can decide when your indoor and outdoor lights automatically turn on and off. This is more than just a simple timer, it can control indoor and outdoor outlets, with the ability to set groups of outlets to work together as a zone. You can set different times for the various zones to turn on and off, having your lights on when you need them and never when you don’t. Best of all, our LCA can control any item you plug in to any outlet in your home, including TV’s, computers and lamps.

Exterior home with lighting

Save Money

With our LCA system controlling your indoor and outdoor lights you will never pay for additional electricity from your lights running during the day or all night long. You may choose to have one or two outdoor lights on all night and everything else to run from dusk until 10pm or midnight. This can make your home safely accessible after dark, without running the lights while most of the world is sleeping. Not only that, daylights savings time is built right in, meaning when the time change twice a year, you don’t have to do a thing.

Save Time

Controlling your lights has never been easier. Have you ever had a party that ran late into the night? When the party ends there is a ton of cleaning up to do and then when you are done, it’s time to turn off the lights. This can be a tedious ordeal as you make your way around the exterior of your home to turn off various lights. Not anymore! With an LCA system you can turn your lights on and off from on central location inside your home. And better yet, group your patio and pool lights all onto one zone and it’s down to a single switch to turn off all of the party lights. By placing keypads in convenient places around your home, you can turn your lights off without having to stumble back through the dark.

Save Energy

By having tight automatic and manual control of your various indoor and outdoor lighting, you will use less energy than ever before. You’ve already upgraded your fixtures to LED, now you can lower your energy use even further with the LCA. Even if you aren’t turning your lights off, you can set the LCA to dim them, meaning less energy use with the added benefit of a romantic mood to make the evening a special one.

Add Security

An illuminated home deters potential home invaders. When you’re home you can set your exterior lights to be on after dark to scare away anyone who might like to prowl around in the dark. Better yet, when you are away, you can set various zones, inside and out, to turn off and on in a pattern that seems very similar to what you would do when you are home. Turn off the living room and kitchen light, followed 10 seconds later by turning on the bedroom light and voila – it really does look like you’re home, unlike an always on interior light you may use now when you head out of town. With extra benefit of additional energy saving as the lights will only be on when they would normally be instead of 24/7 while you’re on vacation.

Add Luxury

You’ve probably seen it in a rom-com movie, a guy brings a date to his urban apartment, he hits a single button and the blinds close, the lights dim and the radio starts playing a romantic song. That suave move can be a reality, we can make your indoor entertainment atmosphere as easy as the touch of a button. Set every light in the room just how you like it for movie watching with the flick of one switch. Or set your dining and kitchen lights just right for that romantic dinner for two and when the cooking is done, just hit the switch for instant romance.

Interior Patio with lighting

Full Control with Lighting Control Automation

With our LCA you have complete control with the easy to use manual controller. While your lights will all be programmed for what you normally want, your controller allows you to turn things on and off as you need them. When you are done the automatic settings will continue to work for you. And if you forgot you were coming home late or staying overnight somewhere, you can even change the settings by logging in from a computer. Adjust your zones from work, the airport or while you’re away on business. You’ve never had this much control over your Minneapolis outdoor lighting.

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