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Minneapolis Landscape


Landscape lighting allows you to fully enjoy your beautifully sculpted property. Our professionally designed and installed landscaping illumination plans enhance the beauty and call attention to some of your home’s finest elements. Features such as driveway lighting, path lighting, garden lighting, and focal tree lighting provide added safety, by reducing the risks of falls, but also increased security: more visibility is a natural mischief deterrent.

Garden Lighting

Rose garden’s well-ordered rows are softly illuminated with LED garden lights. Stroll through the paths with ease and admire the ambiance created by subtle lighting reflecting off leaves and blossoms. Escape into nature, right in your own backyard.

Garden with specialty lighting

Gazebo Lighting

This gazebo is lovely by day, but even more spectacular in the evening. Note how you can see the intricate millwork patterns with the proper use of focal feature lighting. The stately order to the lined path is illuminated in a way that draws you to the gazebo. As you use the uplighting cast on the crepe myrtle tree trunks, their color and detailed texture is a pleasure to behold.

Gazebo with specialty lighting

Path Lighting

Path with specialty lighting

Create a welcoming walk to and from your entrance, whether that is from the lake or driveway. Path lighting is one of the foundation pieces of any well-designed landscape plan. One must be able to safely navigate after the sun sets. Path or garden lighting creates a gentle way to see without harsh or glaring uplights. Quality copper fixtures age beautifully over time, adding to the warmth and soft glow.

Deck Lighting

Deck with specialty lighting

Patio Lighting

Patio with specialty lighting

Minneapolis landscape lighting can be so much more than you ever imagined possible. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we have established standards of care for our client’s property and stand behind our work. For a free consultation or to learn more, we welcome your call today at (763) 317-0827.

LED Landscape Lighting

LED lighting is not only for your special events or holiday décor; Minneapolis LED landscape lighting is a great way to illuminate your home and property year round. These fantastic looking lights are far beyond what you might remember from the early days of LED. The color is gorgeous, they don’t need to warm up first, and their energy efficiency means a lower electric bill and a very rare need for an LED bulb replacement.

LED Landscape Lighting for Paths

Our antique brass LED path lights are one of our most popular fixtures. They create a lovely wash of light onto any concrete, gravel or paver stone pathway. LED path lights are also a great choice for intermittent washes of light within flowerbeds and other landscape features.

Exterior home with path lighting

LED Landscape Lighting for Outdoor Living

LED landscape lighting is a perfect way to illuminate your outdoor living area to make it more functional for nighttime use. With properly placed LED lights in the landscape around the perimeter of a paver patio, you’ll gain visibility and an unbeatable atmosphere for entertaining, relaxing or everyday use.

Patio with specialty lighting

If you’re ready to add LED landscape lighting to your home or upgrade your existing lights, call today at (763) 317-0827 to schedule your free consultation.

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