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Enhance Your Minneapolis Business with Premier Outdoor Lighting

What makes your business different from the competition? With Minneapolis commercial outdoor lighting, you can stand out amongst the crowd to give your business the competitive advantage. With the addition of commercial outdoor lighting, your Minneapolis business has everything to gain, from increased visibility, added safety & security, and the all-important, cool nighttime atmosphere. While every brick and mortar business can benefit from efficient and beautiful LED commercial outdoor lighting, enjoy these ideas:

Transform Your Minneapolis Restaurant with Outdoor Lighting

The highly competitive restaurant business requires quick adaptation to the changing desires of today’s diners. Outdoor restaurant lighting is an immediate need if you do not have it. Short and gorgeous summers mean Minneapolis restaurateurs have to have a pleasant outdoor dining area. Perhaps they utilize trendy outdoor restaurant string lights to create a relaxed vibe. Whether it is a patio, deck, or rooftop area, creating a charming atmosphere outdoors is a top priority. With the addition of custom LED commercial restaurant lighting your guests can enjoy a meal under the stars they will never forget.

Restaurant patio lighting

Boost Guest Satisfaction with Minneapolis Hospitality Lighting

All guest-centered businesses should have a day-to-night outdoor recreational or dining area for their guests. If your hotel or bed & breakfast features gorgeous outdoor areas that are rendered useless at night or could use a better nighttime flavor, commercial outdoor lighting might just be the answer you are seeking. A heightened guest experience is vital for increasing occupancy rates during the busiest seasons, and word-of-mouth spreads fast when you’re able to create lasting memories for your valued guests. Our Minneapolis team can offer a variety of options, from custom bollard lights to illuminating path lights, we have it all1

Outdoor hospitality lighting

Illuminate Your Business with Commercial Landscape Lighting

There is much more to illuminating your business than shining a spotlighting on your signage. If your property features just a little bit or an expansive amount of landscaping, you should consider commercial landscape lighting. When guests arrive after dark, you’ll create a warm welcome and a fabulous first impression by illuminating paths and highlighting unique landscape features.

Then again, as they head home for the night, they’ll appreciate added visibility and the ambiance created by professionally designed commercial outdoor lighting.

Commercial building with specialty lighting

Upgrade to LED: Minneapolis Commercial Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Does your restaurant, hotel, or other business already have an outdoor lighting system? Is it more than 5-10 years old? If so, chances are it may not be looking as beautiful as the original design intended. With landscape changes and growth, you could be looking less than a thrilling view. If your system is not LED, we can upgrade it while we are there to save you a great deal of operational costs on utilities and maintenance. LED commercial outdoor lighting is gorgeous, versatile, and uses 80% less energy than Halogen. We even offer a free consultation, where we can assess your design needs and give you a glimpse of how much you’ll save.

Every Minneapolis area business can benefit from our professionally designed, installed and maintained commercial outdoor lighting systems. Whether you’re creating an exceptional guest experience or getting your business more visibility, you’re sure to be pleased with the results.

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