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BeautifulEdina LED Outdoor Lighting for your Home & Landscape

Illuminating your gorgeous Edina home and landscape requires the best in LED outdoor lighting design and installation. With long fall and winter nights and treacherous winter weather, visibility is essential to navigate the outdoors. Weather always being a factor, it is vital to have the highest quality landscape light available. LED outdoor lighting adds safety and security to your home. Not to mention, it adds gorgeous curb appeal, creating a home and landscape that is as stunning at night as it is during the day.

We offer deck lighting, patio lighting, landscape lighting, path lighting, garden lighting, exterior home lighting, and commercial outdoor lighting design, installation, and service.

Will LED Outdoor Lighting Increase My Electric Bill?

When investing in outdoor lighting you probably have many questions, but the cost of running your lights is one of the first most clients ask. With memories filled with the horror of holiday lighting electric bills, it is only natural to wonder if adding Edina LED outdoor lights will increase your electric bill to astronomical proportions. In short, no. LED for outdoor lighting technology has come a long way; it is the perfect way to illuminate your home on long winter nights. And best of all it uses 80% less energy than other low-voltage outdoor lighting. The change in your electric bill, especially with the use of our timers, will be minimal.

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How Much Energy Does an LED Outdoor Lighting System Use?

With Edina LED outdoor lighting design, we typically use a 4 Watt LED lamp in the place of what used to be a 20 Watt halogen. The light looks great, and the energy consumption is minimal. Imagine your standard issue 60 Watt in home light bulb that we all grew up with; you can use 15 of our 4 Watt LED landscape lights for the same energy consumption. Fifteen! Fifteen lights is a good size outdoor lighting system by any standards.

LED Outdoor Lights Last Longer

Additional savings in cost will be found in the lower frequency of bulb replacement. Did you know LED outdoor lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives last 30,000-50,000 hours? That is compared with 2,000-5,000 hours with halogen and 750-2,000 with incandescent. These amazing LED lights last 10x longer than halogen.

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Edina Outdoor Lighting LED Upgrades

Already have an outdoor lighting system at your Edina home? Did you know you can upgrade your current outdoor lighting system to LED? This is an excellent way to lower your electric bill, use less energy and potentially add more lights to a single transformer.

If you’re ready to add Edina LED outdoor lights to your home or upgrade your current system to LED, call today! Call today at (763) 317-0827!

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