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Landscape Lighting is All Treat, No Trick!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will help beckon tiny ghosts and goblins safely to your door with custom Minneapolis landscape lighting this fall.

As summer winds down, we begin to anticipate all things autumn. Cooler evenings, beautiful foliage, and pumpkin spice everything! One of the most notable nuances of autumn is abbreviated daylight hours – though, many of us do not look forward to shorter days, they are soon to arrive. Now is the ideal time to plan a bit of landscape lighting, most especially with the spooky splendor of Halloween on the horizon. Allow Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis to help prepare your home for Halloween with exceptionally-lit walkways and stairs.


Stair LightingAll Hallows’ Eve is supposed to be a night of frightful delight, but don’t let your home be the scene of a major Halloween faux pas this year! Scraped knees, torn princess dress hemlines, or tear-smeared face paint doesn’t exactly make for any such delight. Keeping your tiny visitors safe this Halloween is easier than you might think. If your outdoor stairs and walkways are out of reach of street lamps and front porch lights, it’s time to consider path lighting. As for any holiday other folly – we wouldn’t recommend giving out toothbrushes in lieu of candy.

Our brass and copper LED path lighting will subtly illuminate the dark and potentially treacherous paths without creating too much light. They are such a simple solution to fall hazards, you’re probably wondering why you didn’t think of them already! Not only will path lights invite short sugar-seeking humans safely to your door, but they can also be a perfect complement to spooky Halloween décor. If you’d like to give the little vampires and mummies a true fright, set the scene with lighting to showcase your creepy graveyard – hands reaching from the dirt, tombstones, low-flying vampire bats, or any other frightful scene your imagination can conjure!

This Halloween, create a yard to elicit screeches and howls – not due to stumbling werewolves or fumbling Frankenstein’s monsters, but because you have the creepiest, yet safest professionally-lit stairs and pathways. Allow us to illuminate your paths and walkways and add your own squeal-provoking Halloween decorations to boot. Don’t let your home and yard be tricky! Treat yourselves and your ghoulish visitors with Minneapolis landscape lighting this fall.


When it comes to Halloween safety for our children, we take many things into consideration. We offer alternative treats for those with particular food allergies. We keep our pets safely inside and pick up leaf debris or other items that could create fall hazards. Take one additional step to light your yard and home for visitors this Halloween.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is in the business of creating beautiful landscapes that happen to add safety and function for all your daily and annual activities. Call today to schedule a design consultation! (763) 317-0827