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Minneapolis LED Outdoor Lights: What is a Light Emitting Diode?

When it comes to outdoor lighting, LED outdoor lights are the biggest transformation the industry has undergone. The technology that was used early on for cell phone displays and electronics has come of age, making for gorgeous outdoor lighting effects that look as good as or better than traditional low-voltage outdoor lighting.

What is LED Lighting?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The science behind LED could bore you to tears so we think it is best explained by this video that tells you how a variety of light bulbs work.

After viewing the science behind the Light Emitting Diode, you may still wonder, what are the benefits of LED versus those other lights?

Less Heat

The first thing you’ll notice is that the electricity in LED lights is not heating up filament until it gets so hot it burns like in incandescent and Halogen lamps. You can conclude that LED is not as hot as incandescent Halogen, nor does it “burn out” as quickly.

Less Delicate

Next you’ll notice that LED doesn’t require tubes like fluorescents and vapor lamps or a special coating like fluorescent. Without the glass tube or bulb to contain the gas or the filament, LED lamps are much more durable than other types of lighting. LED outdoor lights benefit immensely from having a high resistance to vibration, shock and weather elements.

Less Electricity & Longer Lamp Life

Lastly, you’ll notice that the electrons responsible for emitting light in LED lamps are cycled back through the process of excitement and relaxation, making for an extra-long bulb life. A process which, by the way, requires less than 80% of the electricity than is required for heating up filaments until they burn.

As if using less than 80% of the electricity of Halogen, with no UV rays to hide, very little radiated heat and a much longer bulb life wasn’t enough, LED outdoor lights look great too! In recent years, the manufacturing and technology of LED lamps have advanced at the speed of light. It used to be that LED lacked color options and was low intensity. But today’s LED technology allows for a large range of brightness levels and easy control, making LED perfect for outdoor lighting design.

If you’re interested in LED outdoor lights for your home, call today for a free design consultation, or learn more about LED lights on our website. (763) 317-0827