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Give Your Home a Competitive Edge in the Busy Real Estate Season with Brilliant Outdoor Lighting

Are you in the process of listing your home for sale? Are you looking to sell fast and for top dollar? Are you considering how to make your home stand out amongst the crowd? LED outdoor lighting increases the value and curb appeal of your Minneapolis property, giving you a competitive advantage in this busy home selling season. Outdoor lighting creates a gorgeous first impression that gives potential buyers a warm welcome and a sense of security. The initial feeling a person has upon arriving at your home is one that can significantly affect their feelings about the home overall.


Curb Appeal

Your home’s first impression is the one that matters most. Especially when you’re trying to sell. The curb appeal gained from a well-designed, high-quality, LED outdoor lighting system is invaluable to creating that warm, welcoming, “I am home” feeling. The emotions of buying a home are such that whether or subtle or dramatic, your outdoor lighting design can create a strong feeling in buyer’s which can increase your sale price and speed up your sales timeline.

Visually Increase Square Footage

When your outdoor spaces are illuminated with a professionally designed outdoor lighting system, they become a part of your living space. When a buyer views your property for the first time, this extension of square footage while not on paper, gives them a sense of having plenty of space to spread out. With outdoor space being functional day and night, your home buyer will know they are making the right decision.

Accentuate Character and Beauty

Your home and property are a package deal. With LED outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, you can highlight the best features of both. Our outdoor lighting systems are designed to highlight your home’s unique character, including colors, textures and design features. High-quality landscape lighting will draw the buyer’s eyes around your entire property to ensure they see all of the beautiful details that make your home perfect for them.

Energy Efficiency

In today’s Minneapolis real estate market, home buyers are looking for home’s that are energy efficient. With every energy efficient utility, appliance and fixture in your home, you can ask a little more while impressing today’s eco-conscious and monthly budget conscious buyer. Our LED outdoor lighting systems use 80% less energy than Halogen and bulbs rarely need replacing, making maintenance a non-issue.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is your best choice for adding value to your home with outdoor lighting. Our quality bronze and copper fixtures along with our professional design and installation will captivate homebuyers for a quick sale. If you’re looking for a good investment to help speed up the sale of or maximize the sale price of your home, outdoor lighting is a great choice. Call today for a free consultation (763) 317-0827 or fill out the contact us form on our home page.