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Illuminate Your Minneapolis Landscape Design with LED Outdoor Lighting

Gearing up for the spring thaw with help from a landscape designer? Creating a gorgeous Minneapolis landscape is a treasure to behold after a long cold winter. If you’re redesigning your landscape this spring, make sure you call us before you get to planting day.

Highlighting your gorgeous new landscape design with a custom Minneapolis landscape lighting system is a great way to get the most mileage out of your stunning yard.


Illuminate the colorful petals that line your front flower beds with strategically placed landscape lighting. Whether it is early spring daffodils or summer-long petunias, our landscape lighting will pull out the rich colors for all to see after the sun sets.
Exterior House Lighting


Guide visitors to the door or around the side of your home with gentle path lighting to lead the way. Path lighting is a great way to adorn space for a natural unification of your soft and hardscapes.

Path Lighting


Highlight the gorgeous greenery that lines your patio, deck or lawn’s perimeter. From Boxwoods to Hostas, we will make sure the landscape design around your entertaining space looks splendid after nightfall.

Backyard Lighting


With great Minneapolis landscape design comes fabulous focal features. Whether it is an ornamental tree, statuary or a water feature, our focal lights are a perfect solution to draw attention to your favorite landscape piece.

Calling us early in the process is imperative to getting the best LED outdoor lighting design for your new landscape. It also allows us to work with the landscape designer to install electrical lines before the landscape design is done, to avoid disrupting the gorgeous work they’ve just finished. Call today for your free landscape lighting design consultation. (763) 317-0827