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Top 5 Outdoor Lighting Effects for Minneapolis Homes and Landscapes

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we always say it is about the lighting effect, not the light fixture. An easy thing to say when you offer top quality LED outdoor lighting fixtures that blend in beautifully with the surrounding landscape design. Today we are going to put our money where our mouth is by sharing with your our Top 5 lighting effects and what it takes to create them.

  • Moonlighting
  • Wall Washing
  • Path Lighting
  • Up Lighting
  • Water Feature Lighting


Moonlighting can also be called downlighting. We prefer “moon” because it is a more accurate description of the effect, rather than the technique. When we choose the perfect tree and mount the right light to wash down through the branches, the effect is similar to that of a hunter’s moon illuminating your entire yard, deck, patio or garden.

Give your landscape lighting something special, something more!


Proper wall washing can be done by shining a light up or down a wall, depending on the wall. For instance, a stone retaining wall is a perfect place to mount a light to wash down the natural stone. More often than not, wall washing is achieved with an uplight placed in just the right spot and aimed up the wall of a house, building or other vertical structure. The technique is impossible to explain, but the resulting texture created speaks for itself.

Path Lights and Wall Washing

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Illuminating a pathway is ideal for safety and visibility. It is important that path lights are not so low to the ground that they can’t wash the light over the intended path. While big box path lights often create points of light along a path, the OLP difference can be seen as our path lights wash light across the path in a 360 direction for real added visibility at night.


Focal lighting, sometimes called uplighting, is a fabulous effect that works well for many functions. It is a technique that has the light aiming directly at its intended specimen. One of our favorite items to highlight with focal lighting are trees. Trees look beautiful with a light shining up into the far reaches of their branches. A broad wash for ornamental trees and a tall narrow wash for Maples, Oaks, and other large trees. Uplighting is also great for vertical focal features such as statues, gazebos, and pergolas.


The sound of a flowing river is soothing to the ears anytime day or night. But what about the eyes. Don’t let your water feature disappear under the dark of night. Koi ponds, fountains, and other water features can come to life at night with water feature lighting.

Backyard String Lighting

Patio lighting never looked so lovely!


While string lighting is not the effect, it is difficult to put words to the effect they have, so we need to call them by their name. You might call them festival lights, carnival lights, party, bistro or café lights. Adding these gorgeous permanent lights to your outdoor space creates the nostalgia of the good ole days. They make your space fun no matter what the occasion and they promote a smile to come across your face. Maybe we’ll call that effect “Smile lighting.” Their effect might be different for everyone, but they are sure to make everyone feel good.

If your home or landscape is ready for one of the Top 5 Outdoor Lighting Effects in Minneapolis, call today. We design install, and service the best outdoor lighting systems in the Twin Cities area. (763) 317-0827