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Brilliant From Above: Minneapolis Driveway Lighting

Landscape lighting and LED outdoor lighting doesn’t only be about beauty. Sometimes your goal for installing outdoor lighting can be a necessity or practicality. Is your Minneapolis driveway long, twisty, dark or hidden? If so, illuminating your driveway might be a matter of safety and liability. While there are many types of lights and lighting effects available for this task, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we have our favorite. Moonlighting, sometimes called down lighting is truly the best way to illuminate a Minneapolis driveway year round.

Driveway Lighting


Because Minneapolis outdoor lighting is about more than just landscape lighting around your home!

Often you’ll see a driveway illuminated with path lights along the edge. Other times a nearby retaining wall will have hardscape lights to provide a guiding light. Both of these tactics are good ones. But if you don’t have a retaining wall, the lights have to go in the ground and with Minneapolis winters, those lights can easily be buried in heavy snow. This can cause a couple of issues for the homeowner. One, the lights will be rendered useless until enough snow melts off of them. During the middle of a snow storm could be when you need them most. Secondly, the lights can be damaged by plows or slip and slide mishaps during the winter months.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis prefers to illuminate area driveways from above. With the proper use of down lighting, we can create a magical moonlighting effect across your driveway for visibility at night and during inclement weather. With lights mounted strategically in nearby trees, you’ll enjoy the wide wash of light across your driveway along with the peace of mind in knowing they won’t suffer the repercussion of a sliding car or an over-zealous snow plow.

Driveway Moonlighting


Long driveways are quite common in the Minneapolis area. By choosing LED moonlighting for your driveway, you’ll get more coverage per light. When lights are close to the ground, they only have so much area they can illuminate. When we strategically hang our LED downlights in trees, we can cover a greater space with a gentle wash of light than if we were dealing with post lights or path lights. This allows you to use fewer lights to cover your long Minneapolis driveway.

Minneapolis moonlighting is perfect for driveways, pathways, patios and decks; adding visibility and safety for easy travel and nighttime use. Offer your guests a warm welcome with moonlighting for your driveway today. Call now (763) 317-0827 for a free nighttime demonstration.