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How to Make Minneapolis LED Landscape Lighting an Integral Part of your Landscape Design

Minneapolis LED landscape lighting is an essential piece of any landscape design. Whether it is a complete overhaul or a new landscape, without LED landscape lighting your investment will go unnoticed under the darkness of night. Nightfall provides an opportunity to create a magical outdoor escape as LED landscape lights breathe new life into your blooms, shrubs, trees and accessories. A flower or tree that is gorgeous during the day provides a whole new view at night. Our LED landscape lights will add shadow, depth and bring out the true colors of your beautiful foliage.


If you’re an avid gardener, chances are you love your flowers. With LED landscape lighting you can take your garden from a daytime stunner to a magical nighttime garden. Whether it is to show off your daytime blooms at night or to get a rare magical glimpse of night blooming moonflowers, primrose or jasmine, LED landscape lighting is perfect for flower beds and flower gardens.


Many Minneapolis landscapes feature one or more main focal points. From trees to fountains, and blooming shrubs, these items are what anchor our landscape design. LED landscape lighting is perfect for shining a spotlight on your favorite landscape item. Our LED up lights will make sure your statuary or favorite tree is the first thing guests see when they view your landscape after dark. As sure as your guests are in awe of your landscape design during the day, the nighttime magic of highlighting your centerpiece will provide a new and admired aesthetic.

Path Lighting


Whether it is a winding path illuminated with path lights or an area in the far corner of your property that features some focal lighting to draw guests to it, adding landscape lighting into your landscape design is a great way to encourage adventure. While your main outdoor entertaining space is where guests are going to spend most of their time, there is something magical and intriguing about following path lights through the landscape to find what is waiting around the corner. Illuminating picturesque areas in the depths of your property invites guests to venture out, enjoy the sites, smells and starlight away from the house. (763) 317-0827