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Create Holiday Magic with Minneapolis Landscape Lighting

Snow fallingThere is more than one way to illuminate your home for the holidays. While icicle lights, c9 string lights, and colorful mini lights are some of the most popular festive ways to create holiday cheer, we have some alternative options that might be appealing. With well-designed LED landscape lighting, you can enjoy a magical effect for holiday gatherings and all year long.

Alternative Holiday Tree Lighting

To create magical points of light that dot the landscape in your hard, we can illuminate the trees from below. The LED uplighting will show off the breadth of your pines and the gorgeous bark and high reach of your deciduous Maples and Oaks. For a bit of added cheer, colored lenses can be added in whatever shade you prefer. While red and green can be customary, try a nice icy blue for a more modern feel.


MoonlightingNothing beats moonlighting, except moonlighting after a good snow. There was always something so magical about a fresh snow with a full moon shining across the glittering landscape. Now you can enjoy that moment each, and every time the snow falls. As the snow cascades, the light will glitter and dance while you soak up the festive feeling of the winter holiday season.

With Minneapolis landscape lighting, you’ll create sophisticated holiday magic for guests and passersby that can be enjoyed tremendously from inside your home during your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday parties. Best of all, no climbing ladders, no taking the lights down. These lights will serve as gorgeous and functional outdoor lighting for year round enjoyment.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we are proud to offer a large variety of LED outdoor lighting and landscape lighting designs to fit every homeowner’s needs. Call today to learn how LED outdoor lighting can create magic at your Minneapolis home with a free nighttime demonstration.