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Quality Landscape Lighting Begins with Choice Materials – Brass or Copper, Period

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis offers only quality landscape lighting materials that will keep your lights healthy for many years to come.

When it comes to investing in quality landscape lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will deftly guide you through the process of choosing a great design, but professional outdoor lighting is about so much more than setting a beautiful scene. It’s about offering products that will give our clients the best, safest, and longest use. Compared to companies, who might offer lower-quality landscape lighting materials, brass and copper fixtures might seem exorbitant, but we are here to tell you they are not a luxury – they are the standard on which we rest our reputation as lighting professionals.

Brass and copper landscape lighting fixtures will offer long-lived service and beauty. For this reason, these are the only two options you will see at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. Sure, you see many choices in big box stores, such as plastic and aluminum. Those lower-level landscape lighting materials will offer savings on the front end of your lighting installation. When it comes to getting continued service from those materials, the buck stops there. Within a few years, after a few Minneapolis winters, those cheaper lighting fixtures must be replaced. There is only one way to avoid catastrophic breakage and corrosion – use copper or brass landscape lighting.

The truth about lower-quality landscape lighting fixture materials – they fail.

Truth is, aluminum will quickly corrode, even if produced or coated in a way that inhibits corrosion. Plastic will warp, crack, and break. Plastic and aluminum will cost the least amount of money upfront, but you will spend that money over and over to replace. Costly grade 316 stainless steel will offer longevity if placed in areas without a lot of humidity, rainfall, or in waterside locales. Even if the high-grade stainless steel is used, it requires cleaning and polishing. That’s unnecessary maintenance and upkeep for your outdoor lighting fixtures.

Planter LightingBrass and copper are smart materials.

The truth about brass and copper landscape lighting is – they are costlier on the front end, but they will last for many years to come without needing replacing. Why? Well, both of these finishes have one thing in common – natural patina, a form of corrosion, which actually happens to naturally protect the material from environmental factors. Instead of rust corrosion, these metals will function under a cloak of patina without breaking apart or rotting away like other materials. Many high-end items inside your home are made of brass. Lighting, bath, and kitchen fixtures to name a few. Copper is a widely-used high-end material inside and outside homes. Roofing and siding elements, rain chains, railing post caps, and other outdoor ornamentation are commonly produced in copper. The green patina that will eventually cover copper is considered a beautiful, natural aging process. Copper is gorgeous in the first and latter stages of its lifespan! Brass and copper are not just smart choices, but they are inherently smart in the way they age.

Consumers are getting smart about investing in quality materials, decreasing their carbon footprint, and creating less waste. As a whole, we are wising up to combatting the problems of waste production by using materials that are long-lasting, which won’t end up in a landfill. If you have considered these ideas when choosing LED over incandescent lighting for your home, it only makes sense to apply the same logic when choosing landscape lighting materials.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is in the business of providing the best quality landscape lighting that will last. Call today to schedule a design consultation! (763) 317-0827